T-Mobile App has not work ONCE


    I switched over from ATT and brought my unlocked HTC U11. Ever since I brought my lines and download the app it has been completely useless! It displays absolutely zero information pertaining to my account. As a matter of fact, it gives me an option to check my account, and all it does is reroute me to my browser. What is the point of having the app if won't do what it's meant for:

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: T-Mobile App has not work ONCE

        Hey, magenta4678154!


        Welcome to T-Mobile and our Support Community! Our app is full of useful info but it does not good to you if it doesn't work. I have a few questions for you so I can figure out why this is happening.


        • Do you have a government account?
        • Can you successfully log in before it reroutes to a browser?
        • Are other users on your account able to log in?
        • Do you get any sort of error message when this happens?