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    I have noticed their is no service when shopping inside the Publix located at 601 Weldon Blvd, Lake Mary, FL. 32746.  This is most unfortunate since T-Mobile seems to offer better service everywhere else except at this location.  Perhaps T-Mobile could give this location a hot spot type devise device!

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      • drnewcomb2

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        Does the Publix have free WiFi? Have you tried connecting via WiFi Calling?

        • tmo_amanda

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          Hey, magenta4676931!


          I checked out the area and see that the tower that services the area is undergoing upgrades. What type of phone are you using? I'll be able to give you a little more specific info once I know that.

            • magenta4676931

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              An IPad Pro 10.5 and an IPhone 7, tried both while inside the store, but neither received service.  With that being said, I still don’t regret the switch to T-Mobile and have been excited about where I have been able to use the service.





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                • tmo_marissa

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                  It looks like the nearby tower a few miles from this location on Skyline Dr. has some scheduled modernization coming up. This should add some additional LTE (1900 and 700) which might help with the Publix! Part of the issue might also be structural -- in my favorite local Kroger I get no signal in the center of the store -- but hopefully by the start of next month, if everything stays on schedule, you'd see some increased signal there.
                  Side note: Wegman's and Publix finally settled their longstanding "no man's land" decision about my hometown, Richmond, and we actually have a few Publix here now -- holy moly is it an awesome store! Hopefully we'll be able to get you some service in yours soon; and I'm stoked to read that otherwise things have been good!

                • magenta4814853

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                  Samsung 7

                    • magenta4814853

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                      I had the same problem with my AT&T service but no matter how much I reported the poor service they would offer any help or tried to blame it on something else.

                      I have a app that gives me the signal strength and Map of near by towers and which tower it is using. My signal is bouncing back and forth between two different towers which I still only get a bar at best and have to use wifi calling now with the t-mobile network.