When does G6 get OREO? asking for a friend


    thats pretty much it, When do we get Oreo? OR should i wait for G7 and Jump?

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      • joe1994

        I read somewhere that LG is allegedly building this center that will deal strictly with Software updates only. Its supposed to be up and running by May 2nd of this year. Which probably means June or

        July . I have one goal where the LG G6 and pretty much all LG products are concerned. Get this piece of garbage paid enough so I can move to the S9 plus, or Note8 or Note 9. The G6 in my book is absolutely the worst phone I have owned. It should not be considered a flagship device

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        • tmo_marissa

          Heyo, ragekage118(lgg6)! As a fellow LG G6 user, I'm pretty amped about this coming update myself. Right now it's in development -- you can follow the status on our Software updates page. After it's finished being prepped, a test release will be sent to our teams for double checking, and then once we're sure it's ready, we'll give the OK and LG will start rolling the update out. Hopefully it shouldn't be much longer -- I wish we had firm dates to offer, but the Software Updates process is a little too complex to make guesses about.


          joe1994, what's going on with your G6? Is there anything we can help with? As someone who's using one, it's a bummer to read you've been so disenchanted with this phone. TBH, I preferred the camera on my V10, but this has still been an awesome device for me in a ton of ways -- we're happy to help with troubleshooting if needed!

            • joe1994

              Re: When does G6 get OREO? asking for a friend

              Okay lets see if I can write something without this piece of junk phone freezing up. Here are my complaints 1)the phone constantly freezes up. I have to restart it several times a day.

              2)random reboots. The first time this happened was I believe the second week. I was in the middle of typing up a letter and the phone rebooted. It happened once and then didn't happen again. I thought ok it was some kind of glitch. Then in February it happened 3 0r 4 times. March I lost count of the number of times it happened. The random reboots and freeze up where only minor issues compared to number 3 on my list.Blue, black and white screens of death. The first time I was on a call and suddenly I am not hearing anything. I looked at the screen and its black with thin white light around the edges . I tried powering off but couldn't. The issue lasted ten or twenty minutes and then the phone shut off. For thirty minutes I could not get it to come on.

              The next incident was the white screen . my daughter was using my phone playing a game on the pbs kids app. She handed me the phone and tells me its white and won't work. An aunt who was playing with her saw it happened. For the phone to start working again normally took maybe an hour. The blue screen incident. I am not sure when it started but this incident lasted several hours. I was at home and had the phone on the kitchen counter. I was doing laundry and such. When my kids ask if they could play one of their games on my phone. I said ok and gave it to them, they asked how they get rid of the blue screen I take the phone look nothing but a blue screen.I try to power off/restart absolutely nothing.

              Nothing happened. Nothing happened for several hours. The phone sat on the counter A $500 paper weight.

              Eventually the phone shut off (the battery ran down).. I changed the phone which took about two hours. I power the phone back and I

            • magenta5203900

              Anyone from T mobile side could provide any update on the oreo update for LG G6? ATT, verizon and sprint all got oreo for G6 already. What is the hold up Tmobile?

              • joe1994

                T-Mobile and LG are going to drag their feet with the Oreo update now for the G6. Why should they rush? The G7 is out the G6 is yesterday news. Besides LG and Tmobile know that if a person really wants Oreo that bad they will eventually cave in and fork out money for a device that has Oreo. The only phone T-Mobile has worth getting right now in my book is the note 8. However the phones at the to.o of my list for replacements are the oneplus6, Honor View 10 and the MotoG 6. Only an idiot would invest in an G7. LG does not support their devices.

                • hunter_77

                  How is this resolved? Nooene gave anything even CLOSE to an answer. When will the T-Mobile LG G6 get its oreo update?

                  • ludacris713

                    The update started rolling out already received mines this morning

                    • ludacris713

                      The update started rolling out this morning installed mines already