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    I don’t get paper statement any more although I never signed up for paperless.  That’s issue #1, but not focus of my topic here.  For this topic here: I want to get reminders via text that my T-Mobile bill is coming due (e.g.: 5 days prior to due date).  I get confirmation text when I pay, but no ability to get reminder “to pay”.  I have missed my due date twice without paper statement or other reminders, each being a $5.00 late fee.  Hopefully this is not a way to gain revenue by taking away paper statements without sign up for paperless and providing no other reminders or ability to set up texts from my account.  How can we get text reminders in advance of the monthly bill coming due???  And get my paper statements back?  Again I never signed up for paperless billing!!!

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Text reminders for bill due date

        Hey there! Sorry to hear you are not getting your reminder SMS! We can take a closer look at your account to see what the hold up is here. Please contact us when you have a moment. As for the paperless billing, it is possible that you were auto enrolled after a specific event like an upgrade or rate plan change. If you would like to switch back, you can use the T-Mobile app on your phone and follow these steps.


        Menu > PROFILE SETTINGS > Billing & Payments > Paperless Billing (Edit).

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Text reminders for bill due date

          Hi there!


          Chris left some great info in his post. Were you able to check it out and get this resolved? Please let us know. Thanks!

          • eurotall

            Re: Text reminders for bill due date

            No resolution On either issue...so basically I can’t rely on any reminder from T-Mobile at this moment. .  Up to me to remember to pay a bill, among 100 others that do send a statement or text or “Something“.


            1.  Text message reminder to pay my bill:

            No texts to remind me that my due date is coming continues. My bill is due 25th. Today is 23rd.

            I called the T-Mobile‘s 1800 CLUELESS REP line and spoke to 2 reps from customer service. One = completely clueless, the other = assured me that she resolved the problem and text messages will come.  Apparently a big fat lie, not resolved, still no reminder texts.

            Someone i met at work told me that T-Mobile does not have settings to text and remind that bill is coming due.  The only text is a confirmation after bill is paid ( which I get every time).  But no reminder before payment.

            This problem has persisted 6+ months.  I’m not calling the morons in customer service phone pit again to sit on hold just to get a BS answer...that is why I posted here Hoping for an answer to resolve this for me.


            What’s my next step ?  Cancel?  I get nothing from T-Mobile about my bill unless I log in to the account ...traveling for work i cant rely on remembering every due date on every bill.  6 months of this problem and 2 missed deadlines with late fees is getting frustrating.


            2. My second issue (related)...Paper bill not sent to my house:

            I checked my account setting per reply from tmo_chris and paperless was never set up.  image attached of my account settings (a “post it“ note to cover my address - yes address is correct).  No change was made on my account for years, so I would be surprised that T-Mobile would auto enroll someone without their knowledge.6FF7ACE8-6975-437F-83D3-CD4C5789EFD7.jpeg

              • eurotall

                Re: Text reminders for bill due date

                I do appreciate both who chimed in with the attempt to help. 

                I hope the lengthy description  of both of my issues help with understanding the issues at hand.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Re: Text reminders for bill due date

                    Thanks for the reply and I'm super bummed you're still having trouble. We don't wan you to cancel and we appreciate you checking those settings. I'm not seeing that we have any reports of either of these being and issue. You should be getting both the bill reminder before and the confirmation after the payment. I think we should take another look at this. Can you try reaching out to our T-Force team through the Facebook or Twitter links in my badge? They have account access too and should be able to dig into this further and get this escalated.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Text reminders for bill due date

                  Hey, eurotall! Just wanted to stop by and see if you'd had a chance to check in with T-Force as Mike suggested. Hopefully we were able to escalate a ticket for this issue! How are things going?

                  • magenta5880279

                    Re: Text reminders for bill due date

                      I just wanted to add my two cents..  My e-mail reminders stopped, for some reason??  T-mobile just cutting cost?  I did get a text that my bill was almost overdue, what a surprise.  Tried to e-mail someone (anyone at T-Mobile) to see what was going on, but they do not seem to accept e-mails?  I tried the house telephone, I don't have 12 minutes to wait on hold, listening to very loud music. 

                      My opinion....  who needs a service I can't talk to ???