Why do we have to call to add port validation?


    Why do we have to CALL to add port validation?  I was already logged in to My T-Mobile, so why would I not be able to add it myself if it is secure site?  If it was an available option, I could have added it in seconds.  Instead, I was forced to call in and speak to a representative to have it added.  The call took 12 minutes.  How is (1) giving another person my code, and (2) having that person repeat my code aloud in a room full of other people that can hear my code, more secure than entering my code myself while logged in to My T-Mobile?  I do not understand that decision.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        My initial guess is it was something quick they had to implement because.. well.. scams.


        The web site isn't a live view into your account.  From a security perspective, I'm imagining there's files that go back and forth between the super-secure server that holds account information (and everything involving your T-Mobile life, up to and possibly including your SSN, depending on account type), and the exposed web server that you log in to.  This is to protect you, as a customer, in the event the site is hacked.


        The effort to add a field to a database on the super-secure server that CSR folks have access to while they're on the phone with you is a lot less than adding a field in this system, then adding it to any integrations between that system and the web system, adding it to that web system as well, and then any integrations that have to go back.


        And, also think about it this way -- if someone steals your phone, they're able to get any password reset on the My Account pages, and possibly set / reset some settings, such as this.


        But, from a technical and timing/threat standpoint, I believe my effort reason is the why.  It will probably be added to the account site at some point in the future when additional enhancements are made.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Making sure your account stays secure is our number one priority. With how the feature was integrated on the back end of our existing account system, it's much easier for us to take care of adding it for our customer's when they give us a call. I don't have any word it'll be something added into MyT-Mobile, so unless that changes, calling in will be the only way to add this.

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