Getting contrasting information on how to unlock my phone




    In January I decided to take advantage of the T-mobile $700 rebate for an iPhone deal to get new phones for my parents. I knew there would be hoops to go through so I asked the store manager at that time about everything, up until when it came time to unlock the phones. He told me that it would be possible to unlock the phones once they are paid off. I activated the phones with my simcard, gave them to my parents (who live out of the USA), received the rebate 3 months later, paid off the phones, and went back to T-mobile to get them unlocked.


    He did not mention about the 40 day active period. Now they are telling me there is no option other than to get the phones back to the States and use them both for 40 days. My own research shows this is not the case: Need Help Understand the 40 days activate rule to unlock


    What is correct? How can I get these phones unlocked? Can I escalate this some how?



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      • gramps28

        I answered your researched question and once you register with a sim  , you can take the sim out but

        will need to register 40 days later with the same sim.


        You registered the phone with a sim but you mailed the phones out right away and you weren't able to put the sim back

        in for the 40 days.


        The only way to possibly escalate this to get them unlocked is to contact T-Force through social media through Tmobile

        like facebook or twitter.