600 mhz is it good or junk.


    Just curious anyone ever notice 600 mhz spectrum beeing used. My hometown supposbly has it but ive driven all over my town and try to find spectrum but app never picks it up, i got band 7 which is 2600mhz which i think it belongs to us cellular. Ive never gotten band 71 tmobile swears its on in hannibal mo. If it is they got ripped of buying the spectrum because i dont het a neyter signal any where. Or they dont have it installed properly. I use an app i get band 2 and band 4 and band 7 in. My hometow who has supose to have 600 mhz band 71

    Since day afyer christmas ive called in multiple times same lame answers everytime ive had lgv30 and s9 neither phone gets band 71 tmobile swears its in my town and that its on. Ive went all over my coty multiple locations where they say im supose to get it. No band 71. However ive gotten band 7 which i think belongs to us cellular. 2600 mhz. I wish they would get the right engineer on it. Ive offered to meet the enginer where ever he wants and show him its not working on my s9 and it didnt on my v30. There coverage map is lying. Tmobole told me i might need to leave. Ive got 6 years with them and 10 lines dont think there boss would be to happy.

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