Who do I contact if T-Force can't help?


    Just to start off I would like to say I research and ask questions before committing to ensure I do not lose anything


    I signed up with the 2 lines on us family plan in November 2016. In early 2017 I opted in to the taxes and fees included which had a special for the early adopters that signed up during the 2 lines on us promo bringing the monthly price to 130 with taxes and fees included. I was also able to take advantage of the one plus promo soon after that for no additional charge which gave me 10 gb of 4g tethering. And in September I was also able to add the Netflix promo. Everything seemed awesome with a little bad luck of having an account that seemed to be the glitch in the system and needing to call in every month to get the price adjusted to what it's supposed to be. Every month I would call in explain the same situation and they would say they took care of and it should be fixed next month and they would call me back if it wasn't. All those months and I only ever received a call back one time. I am tired of being passed around to be the next persons problem. I just want to be on the plan with what I signed up for. Now I am being told that I can't get that because someone at T-Mobile lied to me and I have to pay the lies. It doesn't make sense. I hope you can help me out please.


    I was messaging with T-Force for 4 hours and their responses were taking over 10 minutes and were just taking longer we messaged. It got to 40 minutes before I received a response.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Who do I contact if T-Force can't help?

        Hey dmls1


        I know that the promotions we offer play a huge part in your decision to choose us as your service provider and I want to make sure that you are getting the promotions you qualify for without having to call in each month.


        For your specific situation, we really are going to need to take a deep look at your account to see what happened and T-Force is going to be the best team to do this as we do not have customer account access here on a community forum. Typically, their response times are much faster but it sounds like they got super busy while you were messaging them. They will always reply though and there is never a need to have to re explain yourself as your entire conversation is logged in the messages.


        I know that you were already conversing with them yesterday but is the conversation still active with them?

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            Re: Who do I contact if T-Force can't help?

            Yes it is still active but I keep playing merry go round with explaining the same thing and being told about things that don't apply to my situation. I signed up in 2016 but since they're not listening, they keep saying that in order to have the taxes included price for 130 I would've had to sign up before April 2017. It's very frustrating. I have mentioned my whole situation more than once in the same thread and still I'm in ground hogs day

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            Re: Who do I contact if T-Force can't help?



            Have you still been withing with T-Force? If so, please keep us updated on how things are going. Thank you.

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              Re: Who do I contact if T-Force can't help?

              T-Force has not fixed the issue yet. I also emailed John Legere. I was contacted by T-Mobile's office of the president. They emailed and called a number on the account (unfortunately was not mine). I emailed and called back and left a voicemail yesterday morning before 10am. I haven't not heard back since. Same with T-Force. The last message from T-Force was 2 days ago with their last message saying "You are fine, we will make sure everything is set up correctly on your account. ". I'd love to believe that but have been told the same thing every month with the same result...it was a lie.