Is T-Mobile really going to charge me more AFTER I switch carriers?


    Ridiculous to think that T-Mobile will shut me out of my online account as soon as I port my number to another carrier and I cannot go into said account and cancel and remove billing info. It is just another reason I`m glad I left. It seems they can continue charging me on an account that they no longer own the number too, I am not using through them, and they block you from cancelling. Total, utter, stupid business practice.Good luck T-Mobile, you will never make it!

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      • gramps28

        Verizon did the same to me when I left. It's an industry standard.


        You need to reach out to T-Force using facebook or twitter and have them help you

        with whatever you need for your closed account.

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        • tidbits

          When you port out your number it automatically closes out the account. That's why you can't access the account. You can switch from your next carrier and the same thing will happen.

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          • drnewcomb2

            AFAIK, none of the "big 4" carriers prorate partial months when you port out. Also, porting out the last (only) line on an account closes the account. I'm not sure why they shut down access to your online account information. Google Project Fi didn't do that when we ported out line out to T-Mobile. 

            • tmo_marissa

              Hey, badbri69! Let me start by saying I'm sorry we had to see you go! I totally get wanting to have a clear picture of what happens after you've ported out -- this is definitely something we should discuss with you before you port out. I'm very sorry if we had the opportunity to set this expectation and dropped the ball.


              When you port lines to another carrier, this effectively deactivates your line and cancels your service, which disables online account access. If you had a family plan with remaining active line(s) (that you haven't ported), you should still be able to log in to MyTMO using that/those number(s). Was this an option for you? Also, if this is a family plan and you have additional lines that you haven't ported out, please Contact Us ASAP to discuss what you'd like to do with them and make sure you have all the info you need!

              Regarding charges, I know a lot of very knowledgeable folks have chimed in here -- you won't continue to accrue charges after your service is disconnected by merit of porting. Postpaid service is a monthly service -- so if you're in a bill cycle that's already begun, the charges have already been assessed and those won't change unless you also have installment plan balances that might be pending to bill out now that the account is cancelled. But you shouldn't see any additional charges for usage (toll calls, downloads or services billed to the account, etc) because you're no longer using the lines.


              I hope that all makes sense! While we're not able to review your final balance or check for pending EIP charges from this public user forum, if you do have questions about your balance our T-Force team on Twitter or Facebook, or our Care team over the phone, are more than happy to help. If there are any general questions I can help with, please don't hesitate to ask! I know we've lost your business for now, and from the sound of your original post it doesn't sound like you had the kind of experience we'd like to provide -- but we'd like to at least make sure we can leave you with a good *last* impression, if nothing else. <3