Why am I being forced to change my password?


    I have a T Mobile account but when I try to log in I am being redirected to a page asking me to reset my password because it is "old," and there seems to be no way to escape that page.Is this something that normally exists on this website or am I being hacked? I never saw something like this before on the internet except from hackers.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Wow, that's odd for something like that to happen unless you've requested a password reset. Have you tried clearing your cookies and browser history to see if that works? You could also try another browser entirely to see if that helps. As a last resort, you may want to just change the password and make sure you're able to log in without any problems.

          • magenta4209743

            There is nothing odd, that's messed up!  They did it to me again today and it has not been a week.  I never asked a password reset, I write my password down in my Password Book.  I always clear my cookies every time I am done with the website, it is a habit all the time!  It does not matter which browser I use it is the website and their ignorant policy that is not written.  I am sick of being forced to change my password and I have not have had this phone in a year.  I did not have a problem with my old phone which I had for five years.  I always had the same manufacturer, it is the website.

          • tmo_chris

            Hey there! Were you able to get your password changed?

            • tmo_amanda

              Hello, magenta4672195!


              It's possible that a more secure password is needed, however, as Mike mentioned above, you shouldn't be required to change your password unless you requested to do so. Did you end up updating your password after all?


              Keep us in the loop and let us know if you have any other questions about your My T-Mobile password.

              • magenta4209743

                Reall-y-ee!  Is that all you have to say for yourself!  It is remotely impossible to send a screen shot when I had no choice whatsoever to change the password again because while I was trying to "login" it said error message occurred your UserID and password does not match.  You actually believe I'm that stupid!!!

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Whoa, magenta4209743! Please accept my apology -- I wasn't attempting to insult your intelligence in the slightest! This just doesn't seem like what the system should be asking you to do, and while we're not able to file tickets from the public user forum, we are able to forward general concerns -- so a screen shot would be awesome if you were able to take one. If not, please don't worry; and again, I'm very sorry if my comment read in any way as unfeeling or inappropriate.

                    If you come across this error message again, this is something we would love to have reported to our teams who work on TMO ID and MyTMobile. The ticket will require your personal account information so that they can review logs, and we don't have a secure platform to collect that information here. Any internal team with account access can file such a ticket to report this if you're up for it -- just Contact Us. That said, I can tell this has been super frustrating for you, so if you're reluctant to exert more effort, I understand. Thanks for taking the time to post in our Community, and I'm sorry again if my response caused offense -- that was not intentional.

                      • magenta4209743

                        It would be nice and appreciative if I could go back using my old password rather than having to change it a half dozen times within the few months this year alone.  I don't like the password I'm using because it is not one I can remember and I did click Contact Us which it indirectly led me back to this dumb forum.  I didn't even know what my username was in this forum and thought it was a hacker.  I did not choose magenta4209743, it was forced upon me without warning.

                          • tmo_marissa

                            I hear ya. We do have a team creating an improved sign-up process where it's clearly called out that you can delete that default "magentaXXXXXXXXXX" username and type in what you like, but it's still in the works. I'm happy to change your username for you! I've sent a PM your way which you can reply to in your inbox.
                            Also, sorry that the Contact Us page isn't more straightforward about teams who do have account access vs those that don't -- that's valuable feedback and we can pass it on. Tickets can be filed by our Care or Tech teams over the phone, or by contacting T-Force on Facebook or Twitter if you're active on social media. I know it might seem funny, but in those channels we do have a secure platform to collect your account information and verify your account.

                      • bulldogxl

                        I'm in the same position. I'm being forced to change my password. I use a unique password that's adjustable for every site so no password is ever the same but I always know my password for any site. But apparently T-mobile thinks I'm an idiot that doesn't know how to create a secure password and now I'll have to remember JUST THEIR password. I can't tell you how pissed off I am. The worst part is that I've had sites forcing me to change my password before and I've been able to just change it then change it back. But T-mobile, in their infinite wisdom, won't let me use the same password twice. Nice policy T-mobile, way to screw your customers.

                        • magenta5045137

                          I find it annoying too that I have to change my password every time I log in.


                          It's because of the hack that T-Mobile had in Oct 2017.  The baddies have

                          access to your account if they have your phone #?  What about our Credit

                          Card #s?

                          • magenta5266055

                            So, because there was a hack last year, you want us to change our passwords everytime we login?

                            Now you have a nice collection of all the passwords we could ever think of all stored neatly on your servers, ripe for the picking.

                            Hope you don't get hacked again, right?

                            • testbecausenames

                              I just searched for this topic because 3 times now in as many months I've been forced to change my password. Enough already. I can't use certain characters, I cannot use older passwords, and this seems to be a reoccurring event now. Will this stop?

                              • weddingguy53

                                I feel the same way I reported to BBB,FCC AND THE FTC for help on this forceful password update AND their is no skip option to choose while logging IN AND I have letters and letters from T Mobile from BBB,FCC AND FTC and with no success I am trying to raise awareness for consumers GOOD JOB T MOBILE NOT A GOOD POLICY >:(


                                FROM THE WIKI ABOUT FTC


                                Unfair practices

                                Courts have identified three main factors that must be considered in consumer unfairness cases: (1) whether the practice injures consumers; (2) whether the practice violates established public policy; and (3) whether it is unethical or unscrupulous.[13]

                                • villageidiot517

                                  I ran into the same problem yesterday - forced to reset my password because it was "old" with no away around it until I did.  The account is less than a year old so it couldn't be _that_ old.  It would be useful to know at least what the password policy is so customers won't be confused or alarmed.


                                  It's strange the reply marked "Correct Answer" doesn't address the original question at all.

                                  • jerryrw

                                    Not only are they forcing password changes more frequently they are keeping track of previously used ones so you can't use them again.

                                    • weddingguy53

                                      Report them to the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission and BBB