Long story short...Tmobile support had me flash bad firmware (they provided) to my note 8.


    And now Im being asked to pay to pick up a replacement in store in a week. This is a replacement phone being replaced (defective out of the box - 1 week ago). The defect turned out to be a sim issue, which was fixed. Then the agent linked me firmware and had me flash with instructions - a third party firmware to my note 8 via Odin (included in the image he provided). It basically made my phone unusable. Samsung apps are locked, and more. After hours on the phone and web with support - Im still being told the most that can be done is a shipped device of some sort in 7 ish business days, and I pay.



    Not sure what to do here. I get bad troubleshooting direction - leading to a totally bricked phone, and despite it being documented and through chat - no body at tmobile takes any steps to rectify it in a timely manner.



    ....So tired of typing, lol. Ive spent hours with them and no results. Any suggestions? I cant do a week without the device working, as im having surgery - but i also shouldnt be made to. Nor be made to pay when a tech support agent essentially broke my phone and walked away.


    Any help appreciated.


    On the SM-950U

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