Moto X4, wifi does not hand off to data


    Okay. I have seen and read many threads pertaining to this, and I can't ask on Moto forums, because I'm currently participating in an MFN opportunity.


    I will ask on moto forums once the restrictions are removed.


    I don't get why this device doesn't hand off to data appropriately for MMS but it simply doesn't. I understand that I can turn Wi Fi calling on, and set either cellular or network preferred, and this may alleviate it by provisioning the phone for WiFi calling.


    This is not a solution. I don't particularly like wifi calling as it leaves a persistent icon in the notifications, and is kind of sketchy at handing off appropriately. I am constantly connecting to poor wifi connections for simple browsing... And obviously wifi calling won't work over that. Does any other user here have the Moto X4, and have figured out how to change the excessively configured APN, to make handoff to data from wifi work without wifi calling?

    I really don't think changing the APN setting will matter.

    MMS is working fine on just data, to reiterate its wifi to LTE/data-in-general handoff that isn't working appropriately.


    Is there another setting I'm missing?

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