Moto X4, wifi does not hand off to data


    Okay. I have seen and read many threads pertaining to this, and I can't ask on Moto forums, because I'm currently participating in an MFN opportunity.


    I will ask on moto forums once the restrictions are removed.


    I don't get why this device doesn't hand off to data appropriately for MMS but it simply doesn't. I understand that I can turn Wi Fi calling on, and set either cellular or network preferred, and this may alleviate it by provisioning the phone for WiFi calling.


    This is not a solution. I don't particularly like wifi calling as it leaves a persistent icon in the notifications, and is kind of sketchy at handing off appropriately. I am constantly connecting to poor wifi connections for simple browsing... And obviously wifi calling won't work over that. Does any other user here have the Moto X4, and have figured out how to change the excessively configured APN, to make handoff to data from wifi work without wifi calling?

    I really don't think changing the APN setting will matter.

    MMS is working fine on just data, to reiterate its wifi to LTE/data-in-general handoff that isn't working appropriately.


    Is there another setting I'm missing?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Moto X4, wifi does not hand off to data

        Hey, xase, and welcome. I have to say I can't recall another user with this particular device in our Community! From what I recall from similar discussions about other BYOD Moto devices, the wifi calling item you mentioned is the standard suggestion to issues like this. I wish I had more to share, or at least a link to a thread with other Moto X4 users chatting so I could direct you to a Community member who might be able to help.
        How long do you have to wait until you can ask the Moto community? We'd definitely love to hear if there's any update once you're able to check in with them! Even if we don't have any Moto X4 users with this ask at present, that doesn't mean they won't arrive later!

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        • sfware

          Re: Moto X4, wifi does not hand off to data

          Also a fairly new and happy Moto X4 customer, coming from the Moto G3 and concur with snn555 , an excellent phone for the price. I snagged mine during the Motorola 45th anniversary sale. (Also looked closely at the T-Mobile Z2 Force ($375 vs Motorola direct for $720 prior but now on sale for $500)).


          Anyway, have only verified wifi calling, but have it turned off now due to the number of notification annoyances (as noted prior). So cannot comment on the hand off to data. May do some more testing, time permitting.


          Not currently participating in the MFN, so I can do any searches you'd like on the Motorola/Lenovo forums. I have been browsing around there for the past few weeks before committing to the phone and have seen some posts about wifi disconnects, etc., but have not seen a post similar to this one (yet).


          Good luck, and ski ya later!


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          • sfware

            Re: Moto X4, wifi does not hand off to data

            Meant to say that I can do searches/posts (for this topic) at the Motorola/Lenovo forums. Sorry about that...

            • xase

              Re: Moto X4, wifi does not hand off to data

              I have tried with data saver off and got better results still the occasional hiccup but  an improvement is an improvement. I got even better results with the aggressive  handoff in the dev settings but I will not rely on that, as it isn't optimal. I managed to somewhat bring it to Motorola attention. We'll see.


              I thought contents of the MFN test were under NDA, not my membership in the mfn... So I don't think I broke any rules.


              I  don't send a lot of mms, but I've been testing it across different wifi too. Marking my question solved since pass/fail ratio has become more than acceptable and data saver off alleviates. Shame Data Saver interferes with handoff.

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