Credit check on Note 8 Deal?


    So currently the Note 8 is $150 on a 24 month finance plan of $30. I made it through to the second part where it requires ID, Social etc.. I submitted that and got to the review and submit section for the payment. Does that mean I got approved, will I find that out only after the final review stage? I tried calling a rep and they told me it would charge me $1 at the final review step and thats when I'll get credit checked. So I did agree and submit and it told me to review my credit info, I am assuming it did go through and trying to charge me the $150 plus tax which jumped to $225 with the SIM. And i have to review my credit info because there isn;t enough to cover the amount?


    Going to buy it next friday when I get paid wanted to see if I was approved first and I don't think I would need my credit card info reviewed if there was only a dollar that was supposed to be taken. Can someone help me out on the situation does getting to the third final review submit where the price goes from $150 to 225 with tax and sim mean I was approved and can purchase if I hit submit at the end?

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