No notifications for T-Mobile  Tuesdays app


    Ever since I installed the app, I've never received notifications! I have both the notifications setting on in the app itself, notifications on within my application list in my general phone settings(with full sound alert and on priority)  I'm signed in and activated the app with my Code and even logged out and logged back in. And I've reinstalled it multiple times. How do I get it to work and give me push notifications?


    Even the emails are being sent a day late! I just received my Email reminder notification from tmobile today (Wednesday). Convenient huh? what's the deal T-Mobile? Is it just some elaborate ploy to lure me in and not deliver?


    Please help me fix this app so it functions properly!

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: No notifications for T-Mobile  Tuesdays app

        Oh man! Missing out on the Tuesday offerings is a huge bummer! We don't send too many push notifications through the app but we do send a reminder to open the App on Tuesdays. Have you ever received this notification or has it never worked?

        • tmo_amanda

          Good morning, melamazing!


          T-Mobile Tuesdays is just around the corner and I know you'll be wanting to claim your awesome prizes tomorrow. Since you downloaded the app, has it ever worked properly? Or do you receive the notifications late? What type of phone are you using? Can you also share with me what app version of T-Mobile Tuesdays you're currently running?

            • melamazing

              Hi Amanda,


              Thanks for replying and reminding me to claim my prizes for yesterday, which I did! The app has only ever worked when I initially downloaded it last year in the spring. I remember it stopped working sometime in the summer when I was living abroad. I reinstalled the app on my phone multiple times since then,  and have set all the app permissions to alert me with sound and vibrate, and give it priority.


              I am using a Galaxy S7, app version 4.6.0


              As for the email notiications, I never received one at all yesterday. The week before that I received the email notification a day late on Wednesday!

                • tmo_amanda

                  Thanks for getting back to me! I'm glad you were able to take advantage of T-Mobile Tuesdays this week! Did you get on of the reusable grocery bags, too?!


                  E-mail notifications usually are not sent for T-Mobile Tuesdays, however, if you have notifications enabled for the app, you should be receiving those. With the info you provided, we need to get a ticket filed with our techs. To do so, you can contact 611 or work with T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.


                  Give that a shot and keep me updated!

              • tmo_amanda

                Hey, melamazing!


                It's me again! Did you happen to get notifications for yesterday's T-Mobile Tuesday? If not, please see my previous post and get back to me with the answers. We don't want you missing out on more awesome prizes!