Coverage areas shown on the map are NOT correct


    We have continually had issues with T-mobile reception for the ~4 years we've been with you. It's baffling because we are in the greater Bay Area, but dead/spotty pockets are scattered about, in my building in Tiburon, CA I have to stick my phone near a window, inside homes and inside our place of business in Sonoma, CA there is no reception at all, and even outside our building in Sonoma - nothing.


    Worst of all, our home up at Lake Berryessa is shown as an area of coverage on your maps, engineers confirmed we should be getting service up there- and, we do not. Or, barely. All around the lake, and all the way up the hill, we have ZERO service - so, if anything happens to us along that dangerous winding road, we won't be able to call for help. We witnessed a motorcycle accident, and couldn't call for help. Someone with Verizon came along and was able to make the call.


    As for our home, if we stuck our phone near a window, we could occasionally pick up something, and down the road, at Steele Canyon park by the boat launch area, we could pick up some reception.


    T-mobile engineers confirmed we are in an area showing as a coverage area on our maps - so, they tried sending us a booster that requires us to have wifi at our house - it works better - spotty - but, better. We can occasionally get through a phone conversation, and we can at least text - but it requires us to pay $100 for wifi, and it doesn't solve the issues of no reception anywhere else up here away from our house and up and down the hill.


    We have kept our T-mobile service (we like the plans, and, generally, the service) waiting for coverage to get better, as T-mobile engineers have expressed to us over the last couple years that it would be getting better... very soon... but, it has not gotten better. Not any better.


    Please look again at your coverage maps, and let us know what actually will be happening up here, at our home at Lake Berryessa in particular.


    We didn't want to switch, but Verizon and AT&T have towers up here, and we have to consider it because of the safety factor.


    Thank you for your time.

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