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    Although I'm grateful with the the various options to interact with T-Mobile support, whether through the T-Mobile USA Android App (if/when working ;-), or the Community Support site (if/when you can get access - thanks to the Community moderators - working for me now after great consternation! ;-), or via a call to 611 (if your phone is working ;-), or my.t-mobile.com and Message us/Chat (if you have valid account access and allow third party cookies to be enabled and a browser that works with what looks like a T-Mobile Winderz centric site - boo - hiss - use Linux! ;-), or via email (if you Google the T-Mobile CEO email address which is then referred to an Executive Response support specialist), or via Social Media (Social Media = Evil - the opposite of what is known as good - have you been paying attention to the news recently? - do you care about privacy? - do you care about security? If yes - STOP the Social Media evil, but I digress...). We need/desire an email support communication option, again, please. Pretty please?


    So from personal experience and from reading these forums, the T-Mobile support ticket process is BROKEN. (Badly broken, by a lot!) I have opened tickets and have never received a follow-up. I have opened tickets and called to get my ticket numbers - wasted lots of time. I have opened tickets and called to review the tickets - and it was, well, bad. Very bad! Frankly, after more that one of these calls, I have called about open tickets only to be told that the ticket was closed, and have had to open another ticket. Unacceptable (but I have more "salty" comments)! So I have started looking at T-Mobile alternatives, and I have not switched to another carrier, yet, but I have recently purchased an unlocked phone known for support on MANY other carriers ;-). It would seem that some T-Mobile support staff and/or engineers are "gaming" the support ticket process - not necessarily their fault - it is probably the fault of the process/procedure/system.


    Note that I an a T-Mobile customer for almost a decade. I am a T-Mobile supporter (I have friends and family using T-Mobile on my advice.) I WANT T-Mobile to be successful...but...  


    I would like to suggest that all valid T-Mobile customers be able to OPEN, VIEW, UPDATE, CLOSE, RE-OPEN (if closed without a valid closure or closed in error) support tickets. Also, all valid T-Mobile customers should be able to VIEW all open and closed support tickets. Full transparency - full disclosure, please. Thank you!


    Closing a support ticket without the consent/communication of/to the customer ticket opener is patently unacceptable.


    We want more communication. We want full transparency. We want full disclosure. We want the Un-Carrier back.




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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: T-Mobile Support Tickets

        Hey sfware and thanks for posting.


        We like to give our customer's a variety of ways to get in touch with us to get the help you need. I hear what you're saying about privacy, and the great thing about our company is that we have measures in place (including our social media) that'll make sure your privacy is protected. With that being said, we do appreciate the feedback about email support. As of right now, that's not an options, but this is suggestion I can send to the right folks to have reviewed. I can't promise it'll change and be an option in the future, but we're always open to our customer's feedback, so thanks. Having a viewing system for our customer's is an awesome suggestion as well, and I'll be sure to pass that along for you to.


        With that being said, I do wanna make sure you get a response on your tickets, and more importantly, get any issues resolved. Do you still have open tickets currently? If so, when was the last time you called about them and what issues were they for?

        • sfware

          Re: T-Mobile Support Tickets

          Hey, tmo_mike_c - thanks for the follow-up and for chiming in.


          You've probably seen the various requests for email support and support ticket issues in these forums, too. Just wanted to emphasize that it's obviously not ideal (T-Mobile support) at this time and wanted to mention some things that I think might help - trying to make things better (as are you - thanks!).


          These forums and those that assist others (like yourself) are very helpful - thanks again and keep up the good work.


          So the last time I called TMO support to get my current open tickets numbers, description text and status updates, it was, well, "disappointing". After we agreed to disagree on what I wanted vs what the support person wanted and/or was willing/able to do, we ended up opening a new (another) ticket for my infamous issue "T-Mobile USA App for Android not working" (on my unlocked non-rooted retail Moto G3). I have not called again to get a status report because the Executive Response Specialist I've been working with (mostly via email but we have had a few calls, too) recently said that it looks like it may be May before a resolution is available. My other issues are resolved - reactivated access to support.t-mobile.com and Message Us/Chat not working (by setting my browsers settings to always allow third-party cookies). Probably need to call support to be sure that they are marked resolved, but would like to be able to do that myself. ;-)


          In other posts here for the T-Mobile USA App not working, I've mentioned some circumventions, so I can live without the app on my Moto G3 (but I've seen other posts from other customers where it was a major inconvenience and/or a T-Mobile show stopper).


          It's not a good reflection of T-Mobile (app not working), it has caused me (and many others) to spend/waste a lot of time and bandwidth, but for others, they may have moved on to other carriers. The easiest customer to get is the one you already have!


          Take care,


            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: T-Mobile Support Tickets

              I'm glad you find the forums helpful. We always appreciate a pat on the back.


              I do hear what you're saying. For troubleshooting issues, it's always about doing whatever we can do to get the issue resolved. My apologies if we didn't make you feel like that when making efforts to resolve these tickets for you. I do encourage that you keep working with the Specialist that's reached out to you already.By the way, I get your point about having a customer interface where you can status check and mark your own ticket. I know we don't have that in place, but we can continue to have the ticket worked until it is resolved or keep you updated on it's status. It should be as easy as just asking. We do have ways on our end to update your ticket to make sure the engineers know you're issues resolved.


              I can't tell you how much we appreciate the feedback you've given us. Our ultimate goal is to give you great service, and if/when you do have some troubles, to get them resolved as quickly as we can. Thanks again for coming to support and, more importantly, for giving us feedback.