The Signal Booster DUO (Band 12) is made of UNOBTANIUM


    I contacted T-Force who did some research and discovered that the Booster Duo that covers Band 12 and announced in a massive press release has been 'out-of-stock" since late December with no restocking date.  Looks like this unit is made of UNOBTANIUM.  I don't understand how T-Mobile can still post a web page with the details of this unit if they have no intention of making them available.  I REPEAT, PER THE PERSON I SPOKE TO AT T-FORCE, THERE HAS BEEN NO UNIT THROUGHOUT THE COMPANY IN STOCK SINCE DECEMBER.  Anyone have an idea of a way to contact the right person at T-Mobile who would honestly explain T-Mobile's future strategy on whether they will actually make these units available.  Going through the normal customer service channels just winds up with an out-of-stock answer - no explanation of why a newly announced offering last November stocked very few units in December and hasn't restocked any in the past FOUR months.

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