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    Hello I just recently noticed that my 4G hot spot is used all the way to 14gb I have the simple choice unlimited 4G LTE network plan I have called to customer care they don't even know why is it used no explanation I understand that I used my 50gb now I'm slowed down but this month I have not used tethering it stating my account that the hot spot has been used you have 14 days to your billing cycle to end. Can any body explain. Thank you. Simple Choice™ plans

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      • milano2985

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        4G LTE

        • tmo_marissa

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          Hey, milano2985! Is the data usage you're seeing for the hotspot on your phone, or an actual hotspot device? If it's the phone, what phone do you have? I understand you're on a Simple Choice plan, but what data plan do you have for this phone line/mobile internet line? While we can't review your account from this forum, we're happy to try to help figure out what could be happening. Thanks!

          • tmo_chris

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            Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you still have any questions on this?

            • tmo_amanda

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              Hey there, milano2985!


              We truly want to figure out why your account is showing hotspot usage even though you haven't utilized it. Can you please take a look at the questions Marissa asked above and get back to us? We'd love to know what type of phone you're using, if you're seeing the hotspot usage amount on your phone or through My T-Mobile, and if this is an actual hotspot device.


              We look forward to hearing back from you!