Can't send/receive texts that contain ""


    Can't send or receive SMS text messages that contain "" so any Google short code such as those used by Google Maps & Google Photos to share just won't go thru.


    This problem occurs on my Google Nexus 6P and my wife's Google Pixel too.


    I can text myself a test message and it sends and receives fine but when I text myself anything that has it shows sent but is never received back.


    I use T-Mobile Digits so all text messages sent and received can be seen on the Digits website... those texts that contain are not showing up.  I thought my phone was to blame so I sent text messages out directly from the Digits platform to myself, my wife and a friend containing "" and no one received them.  I thought maybe Digits was the problem (even though the Pixel is not registered with Digits) so I turned it off under the Multiple Devices section of my Profile and after 3 hours the problem hasn't been resolved.


    To be fair, MMS messages that contain "" are being sent/received just fine.


    Based on my testing it seems that T Mobile is filtering SMS messages that contain "".  But why and more importantly can this filter be turned off??


    I am very frustrated and if this can't be resolved I'll have to find a different carrier, maybe Google Fi.


    Please help! Thanks.

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