New Samsung S9, Feb. 1 Android security update???


    Okay, this is April 7. My phone says that I'm on the Feb. 1 Android security update. These security updates are important to users, when can we expect the next "monthly" Android security update now that we're 2 months behind?


    Should I have gotten the Google Pixel 2 phone instead of this one? I'm starting to feel that way. According to the research that I did before buying this phone, I was under the impression that Samsung had said that they would deliver an Android security update every month. So is it Samsung or T-Mobile that's the hold-up here?


    What can I expect? Quarterly is just not good enough, if it even turns out to be quarterly.


    Is there a manual method for this, like an image that I can sideload to get the latest security updates? If I unlock my T-Mobile S9 the first opportunity that I get, will that help me be able to install an image that I can get on the internet? Or am I just hosed when it comes to all those Android security exploits that I see are getting fixed every month?


    I'm really frustrated...

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      • mrdoh

        Re: New Samsung S9, Feb. 1 Android security update???

        According to this page:


        Samsung Mobile Security


        the Samsung S9 is supposed to be getting monthly Android security updates from Samsung. And if you want to know how important that this is to you, click on the "Details" tab and you'll see the long list of security fixes for each month.


        From this, I'm concluding that T-Mobile is the bottleneck for these updates getting to us, since T-Mobile is supposed to be getting monthly updates from Samsung. So where are they?


        Not sure what I'm going to do at this point. I like my Samsung S9 and I like T-Mobile, but I really don't like this situation.

        • themaxh123

          I feel your pain. I have a Galaxy Note 8 and not only have I not received Oreo, I haven't received a security update since January! If you check Android's security update page, it shows that Samsung does roll out monthly updates, so I think T-Mobile is to blame. This is really frustrating and I recommend getting your phone unlocked - straight from the Samsung website. At least then you get the update when Samsung rolls it out and not T-Mobile.

            • mrdoh

              I’ve got about 20 days before I can unlock my phone, but it that looks like the right answer at the moment. Funny thing, I pre-ordered an unlocked S9 directly from Samsung, then cancelled it to get a T-Mobile S9 because I read that the unlocked phones didn’t get updated. Now I’m seeing the exact opposite. So it goes...


              I’m going to do my due diligence and then decide where to go from there.



            • tmo_nic

              Re: New Samsung S9, Feb. 1 Android security update???

              Hi mrdoh,


              The Samsung S9 was released on March 16, so the S9 wouldn't receive a February or March security update because the launch occurred after the security releases. The release software should have those security vulnerabilities covered in the version at launch. The April security update was just released by Samsung on April 2, I believe. From there it takes up to two weeks to turn around the security patch due to optimizing the OS build for on network performance based on carrier settings. Unless some flaw is discovered (which happens) and it is kicked back to Samsung, I suspect you'll see the first security update for the S9 in the next week or so. You'll be able to track when the security patch becomes available for the S9 here: Software updates: Samsung Galaxy S9


              Hi Themax123,


              I have the Note8, and it has been receiving regular updates. Oreo was pushed from T-Mobile to Note8 users on April 2. Since you're replying on April 7, I suspect you have your automatic software updates turned off. I recommend you turn them on. You won't get a notification that a new software update is available with it turned off. Unless you remember to go in and do a manual check around the 15th of every month you're not going to know when updates are available. You can find the Note8 software version release history for the T-Mobile Note8 here: Software updates: Samsung Galaxy Note8.

                • mrdoh

                  Re: New Samsung S9, Feb. 1 Android security update???

                  Okay, here are my expectations for monthly Android security the way, my last phone was a Pixel, so I know how and when these updates are delivered. Monthly. When I got my S9, there was an update waiting which I applied. My S9 is now at Feb. 1 security update level as a result of applying that update. There should also be a security updated dated Mar. 1 and Apr. 1. Neither of these has been delivered. It may be early for the update dated "Apr. 1", but it is late for the update dated "Mar. 1".


                  I did look into this on the web in the Samsung security updates pages and found that Samsung has skipped 2 months of security updates following the one that was dated Feb. 1 (security updates for January). Which would be the Android security updates for February and March. If Samsung doesn't pass along the monthly Android security updates, then we don't see them (of course).


                  My hope is that Samsung has not gone to a quarterly update model. My research showed before I bought the S9, that they were committed to monthly security updates. I'm not sure that seeing quarterly updates would have stopped me from buying the S9, since I was looking for both "bezel-less" and band 71 support, which is the S9...I didn't want the LG V30. But I would have known what I was getting into up front, which is a good thing.