All discounts i accumulated over a 10 yr span gone...


    Long story short, I have worked for Microsoft for 5 and half years. At the start, T-mobile had provided us with discounted lines. Last month, I was suddenly taken off. My bill went from $56.77 to a whopping $167. That's insane!!! I have been with T-Mobile for about 10 years "when the SideKick 3 1st came out" and throughout the years, I would receive calls by T-Mobile reps giving me addition discounts due to being with T-Mobile for so long. When the account was changed recently, in which I did not approve, I lost all the discounts that were given to me throughout those years.


    The response I got from MCSA Migration follows:

    Hello Anthony,


    I understand your frustration, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you.


    Your request was already acknowledge and your account is now enrolled to the T-Mobile Advantage Program. You are now entitled for a 15% discount on your monthly bill, which is sponsored by Microsoft Corporation. Your bill cycle closed date will be moved to the 1st of the month and bill due date to the 22nd to be aligned for the billing cycle of Microsoft Corporation. The discount will take effect on your bill up to 60 days.


    In addition, please be advised that we are sending a notification to you to re-verify your employment status periodically for the program via SMS or e-mail. Kindly comply for the re-verification with in the 30 days given time frame so the discount will not be removed on your account.


    It's been a pleasure taking care of your account. We are so grateful to have you as our customer! We promise to continue exceeding your expectations.


    Your Solution,


    Allarise T.

    Sr. Advantage Program Expert

    T-Mobile USA, Inc.



    15% off of $167!!! Do that math. That's insane!!!  Then looking at the regular deals going on. They are somewhat cheaper then what I was "changed" to. Way to treat a long time valued customer T-Mobile by ripping them off!! Shame! Looks like I will be looking for a different carrier after so many years!

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