Battery life s8 after oreo update?


    I updated recently to oreo, not my choice it did it overnight.  After this update I have had nothing but issues:

    1) Battery life stinks - it last 18 hours basically on standby, settings report android system, cell standby as majority of battery life.   Used to last over 2 days on standby even with light use.

    2) I use tetra sms and used to be able to reply to a text without unlocking the phone I liked this feature, now it doesn't  allow this.  Research online seems to point to android permissions locking it out and nothing can be done.

    3) google maps appears when navigating could have screen off and navigate, now it won't blank the screen and tell the instructions.  Screen must be on which drains the battery faster.

    4) general performance is slower.  Sometimes lagging

    5) pocket dialing... it dials from my my pocket for no reason and I am not talking so it shouldn't be google assistant as I am walking.  People claim they hear pounding as I walk.

    6) sometimes it says it won't unlock with fingerprint and only the pattern must be used.  No not when restarting the phone.

    I loved this phone before the update, now not so much.   Suggestion? Can I go back to nougut

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      • gramps28

        Re: Battery life s8 after oreo update?

        Have you backed up the phone and did a master reset?

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        • tronguy123

          Re: Battery life s8 after oreo update?

          Bought my S8 last December, running 7.0. No problems, much better battery life than the S5 I had previously, although that was probably due to an old battery.


          Was one of the first on T-Mobile US to get the Oreo release. No observed significant differences in battery life.


          A couple of comments and questions:

          1. Settings->Device Maintenance. The first screen has an optimize check; it looks for background apps going crazy, abnormal battery usage, and crashes. Have you run this?
          2. Also under Settings->Device Maintenance. There's a "Battery" icon at the bottom, thumping on that brings one to a Battery page. Mine, at the moment, is showing 89% full with an estimated life of 20h 19m. That's at least partially based on previous history, so YMMV. Also on that page is a "Save Power" button; clicking on that closes down background apps and, while doing so, indicates how many minutes one is gaining in life as each app is put to sleep. Have you done that? Any apps look like power hogs?
          3. There are known cases of Monero crypto currency miners being implanted on people's phones by (a) infected apps, sometimes with the builders of those apps unaware of the infection. (The authors of said apps used some advertising plug-in, said plug-in was was infected with Monero, etc.); and (b) surfing to infected web pages, again, with site administrators unaware of the Monero infestation. In both of these cases, Monero runs at some level that runs the battery down; in more severe cases, it runs the battery down so fast it can damage the phone and battery! Note that if this is some app that's been infected, it's quite possible that the authors of the Monero miner may have Taken Steps to try and hide the battery-draining activity.
          4. A cold reset, if you haven't done it already, clears out at least some ills. (Note: This isn't a factory reset, just the usual restart.) Have you done that?
          5. Being a hardware guy, I always tend to suspect hardware. I've read recent reports that leaving a phone continuously on charge at 100% can damage the battery into having less capacity. Um. You doing anything like that? If so, it might just be rotten luck that the battery decided to start to go about the same time you got upgraded to Oreo.

          Looking forward to hearing your results.. And if you found anything malicious.


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          • androidz32015

            Re: Battery life s8 after oreo update?

            Well join the Samsung club the note 8 battery on Oreo is lousy too, I think Samsung is pulling the same thing Apple did....BATTERY THROTTLING

            • tmo_marissa

              Re: Battery life s8 after oreo update?

              Hey, ccferret and androidz32015! Sorry to read about your battery woes! gramps28's recommendation of a backup and reset post-OS update is pretty common around these parts -- a lot of our Pillars and superusers have plenty of update experience and will frequently attest to the benefits of a reset after an update to make sure no stale data is mucking up the system. That said, if you'd like to try alternative steps, I think tronguy123's suggestions are thorough and awesome. Have either of you made any headway with this?

                • ffresh

                  Re: Battery life s8 after oreo update?

                  I agree with the original post. S8 with the Oreo update has increased battery usage. The fingerprint issue is a headache as the Samsung Experience 9.0 is having some process lag for a few seconds.The fingerprint recognition to Secure Folders nullifies and pattern must be done. Normally when clicking on a notification from Secure Folders, a screen with pattern pops up with a purple background. Fingerprint works when purple background is present. When a blurry image of the Secure Folder content shows up instead of the purple background, fingerprint does not work. Also, Samsung Experience will lag when swiping up for the "dex/home/back" menu to appear. Overall, top 3 issues: battery drain, fingerprint, and Samsung Experience.


                  When is Tmobile going to release the update to correct the initial Oreo problems?

                • adriang001

                  Re: Battery life s8 after oreo update?

                  Just can`t clearly specify battery life after an oreo update because battery life completely depends upon the applications that you installed, Your phone display properties and applications can consume battery in background