What does it take to get a mistake on your bill resolved!


    In January I returned a phone to the Tmobile store for a warranty exchange. After about an hour I accomplished that but only to receive a bill for the old phone 2 months later. I returned the old phone at the same time they gave me replacement so why would I be charged over $600.00 for the old phone. After 2 phone calls to customer care who claimed the issue was resolved I still found the charge on my bill. So I drove a 40 mile trip to the Tmobile store to speak personally with the sale person about what happened to the phone. After another 1/2 hour he found the tracking number that proved it was returned to Corporate. So again I dial 611 spend another 20 minutes on the phone to find out the agent determined via the tracking number proved it was returned to corporate and I should see the reduction on my bill. Well, that did not happen in fact I received one of those cute Oh Oh your phone is missing emails a couple of days later. So I call customer care again and was assured that by the end of the day (yesterday) I would see the charge off my bill but of course, it's still there!

    So that said does anyone know the magic as to how to get something resolved with these people? I am not paying this bill with the lost phone charge on it and it is now late so I guess the next cute email will be Oh Oh we are going to shutdown your services?



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