SMS/MMS Missing on Galaxy S7 Edge - HELP!


    Hello! Hoping someone from Tmobile can help troubhleshoot my account on this one. (previously posted this in the Magenta Lounge which I learned was not the right location).


    Hello! I recently unlocked my S7 Edge (originally ATT) and switched to Tmobile. Great experience so far except, for the first time ever, I'm missing various SMS and MMS messages. I use Android Messages for SMS/MMS and have always used this without missing messages back when I was on ATT. Happens randomly and is not limited to texts from one person or one carrier.


    So far, I've tried:

    - taking Android Messages out of "always asleep" in the battery management section

    - factory reset of the phone

    - switching to the stock Messaging app (Samsung Messaging) - same exact problem with missed texts


    Are my SMS/MMS being routed correctly? I have some specific ones that I could identify.

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