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Wifi Calling not working on Non-T-Mobile Galaxy S9?


    Hello all,


    I'm hoping that someone might have some insight, know a fix, etc.


    For the last few years I've been stuck on a T-Mobile branded Galaxy S5 and Wifi calling and advanced texting features work fine. Now I've received a AT&T Branded Galaxy S9 - Model SM-G960U of which I obtained a Samsung unlock code for it. I had T-Mobile change my Sim card and update the my account yesterday with the new IMEI, etc. but WiFi Calling will not enable although it's built into the phone features.


    When I put an active AT&T Sim card into the phone, WiFi calling works.


    Has anyone else tried using a Non-T-Mobile S9 yet with their T-Mobile service and if yes, is your WiFi calling working?


    Anyone know if I need to find a T-Mobile Firmware ROM for the S9 and flash it get the features to work?


    *I do know that since the phone is not T-Mobile branded, T-Mobile can't be much help*


    Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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