S9+ service access failure


    Has anyone got problem using S9+?

    I dont know its network problem or phone.

    'Server access failure' and 'network unavailable' keeps popping on the screen.

    But i able to browse as usual.

    If anyone have solution, pls share with me.

    Thank you.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: S9+ service access failure

        Hi there, itsmemissyy! I haven't heard any reports of this issue so far -- did it start as soon as you started using the new phone, or crop up after a little while? I get this error message on my LG G6 when I drive through the same area of no coverage down I-95 from my place to visiting my parents' -- but it's an odd thing to see if you've actually still got service! Does it seem to happen anywhere at any time, or in certain locations only?

          • itsmemissyy

            Re: S9+ service access failure

            Yes it keeps popping on the screen when i use data or wifi after i use phone about a week. i even went asked samsung, they said they dont encounter this kind of problem. After they check, the phone still same, 'network unavailable' comes on the screen few times about 5-10minutes. But i can use the phone with no problem.Then they asked me to change new one under warranty card.

            After 3rd day of using new phone, the 'service failure' comes out about 2times. I thought it would be the same as before. But not like previously the 'network unavailable' not there, so i fell like maybe my phone line is the problem. Then i google and i tried reset network. For now still okay. The words not out on the screen yet.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: S9+ service access failure

                That's really interesting! It's good to know that the network reset seems to be helping, but if you notice this popping up again I'd recommend a few things. First, try to make a mental note of *where* you're located when you see this "service failure" message -- and whether or not it's the same place you were seeing the network message before! Also, if the problem persists, it might be a good idea to try using the phone in Safe mode: Samsung Galaxy S9+ and see if it still happens!