Galaxy S8 Text notications


    I recently updated my Sb when the new update came through. I'm finding many issues, including being unable to change individual contact text notification sound. everything is bunched under one sound. In past versions, I had a different sound for my more important contacts (You know who you are, lol) Now, everything in sound and when I go into edit the contacts info, text notification sound is no longer an option.


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      • rrhubright2

        Re: Galaxy S8 Text notications


        Sorry for the typo. Apparently, T-Moble doesn't let you edit a post.

        It was meant to read Galaxy S8, not Sb (which it is an SOB)


        I spoke with a man at Samsung and he claims that Samsung is aware of the issue and working on a patch with no specified release date.


        I also noticed that phone is randomly not making text notification sounds and does not show notifications for a text on the icon as in the past, only in the header.

        Does anyone want to buy a used POS phone? I'm about done with Samsung after this goof up

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Galaxy S8 Text notications

          Hey rrhubright2 


          I know not having this feature is frustrating a lot of people but this was not a T-Mobile decision to remove it from the device or operating system We have seen other users saying that using a 3rd party messaging app like Textra allows them to set up custom sms tones. If you have not already, you can visit Samsung's community and post about this as that will be the best place to have your voice heard by the ones who can update the available features like this one.

            • rrhubright2

              Re: Galaxy S8 Text notications

              Hey Chris.

              Thanksfor your reply.

              I completely and totally understand that this was not a TMobile issue. It happened immediately after Samsung rolled out there update with Oreo.

              I talked to technical support at Samsung and some wonderful people at my local T-Mobile who all are under the understanding that Samsung is aware of this and is working on a patch.

              I've also started using two different third-party apps, haven't narrowed down which one is best. Both Textra and Signal seen to be decent. But I have to admit the original Samsung app, when at work, was best of all. Thanks again for your help and support.