Missing SMS - Galaxy S7 Edge


    Hello! Hoping someone from Tmobile can help troubhleshoot my account on this one.


    Hello! I recently unlocked my S7 Edge (originally ATT) and switched to Tmobile. Great experience so far except, for the first time ever, I'm missing various SMS and MMS messages. So far, after searching around, I've - ensured APN settings are okay (and the rest of the features, voice, data, etc all working great) and took Android messages out of the automatic sleep function in the battery management section.


    Additional info: I use android Messages for SMS/MMS and have always used this without missing messages back when I was on ATT. I switched to the regular Samsung messages app today and had the same exact problem (missing multiple text messages). I can provide examples of exact messages that I've missed.


    Are my SMS/MMS being routed correctly?




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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Missing SMS - Galaxy S7 Edge

        Hi there and thanks for switching! Sorry you're having trouble be we do wanna make sure we get those messages to come through. Have you noticed this happening with a specific number or numbers? Are you connected to T-Mobile's network or a personal Wi-Fi connection when this happens? Does your phone have solid signal, or do you see fluctuations? Please let us know so we can pinpoint what's going on and help get this resolved. Thanks!

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Missing SMS - Galaxy S7 Edge

          Just checking in here to see if you still needed any help with this. Please let us know.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Missing SMS - Galaxy S7 Edge

            Hey, jared_herx !


            I wanted to stop by one more time to see if you're still having issues with disappearing texts on your S7 Edge. If you are, please take a look at Mike’s questions about and get back to us with the answers so we can get to the bottom of why this is happening.  

            • c0urtness

              Re: Missing SMS - Galaxy S7 Edge

              I'm having the exact same problem.  I switched from AT&T back in October 2017 and brought my Galaxy S7 Edge over to T-Mobile.  I use the Android Messages app and over the last week my phone has not received several messages from people.  I turned my wifi off a few days ago to see if that made a difference, as well as restarting my phone at least 6 times.  Nothing has worked and I'm not receiving certain texts as recent as last night. 

              • magenta2476213

                Re: Missing SMS - Galaxy S7 Edge

                According to my call to tmobile, this is a known issue. I was able to fix it by turning power saving completely off. Also, as you mentioned, disable any battery optimization for the messaging app you are using. Perhaps this will be fixed with Oreo update.  When is that coming out Samsung/T-Mobile?

                • nycgal721

                  Re: Missing SMS - Galaxy S7 Edge

                  I switched 3 lines to Tmobile from Verizon about a week ago, and have been having intermittent texting issues, delays and missed messages.  We have a s9+, S7 edge and J3v also by Samsung.  The s9+ and J3v seem to have limited issues only miss 1 text today and 1 yesterday.  However when the s7edge tries to text the j3v from work, multiple messages are missed and sometimes delayed.  Per tech's advice, recently updated APN settings for tmobile and it helped with MMS for a while, but now there are issues with regular SMS.  All 3 of us use Samsung Messages app and would appreciate some help as this is very frustrating especially after switching carriers.


                  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


                  P.s.  I have been unable to locate wi fi calling setting on the j3v or s7 edge.  Our phones are Verizon phones.