Note 8 oreo major failure


    Wish I didn't upgrade this, worked great till today, now battery drains in 6 hours from full charge, live messages don't work, keypad on messages is fouled up, the phone rebooting every 20 to 30 mins and overheats badly?? WTF??? I did a factory restore and same thing, is there a way to go back to Android version 7.1.1?? Called t mobile no help, think my best option is to get a new simcard use my IPhone x and make a claim I lost or it got stolen, than hopefully get another with Android 7.1.1 ANY OTHER OREO NOTE 8 ISSUES HERE?? Is this t mobile or Samsung's game screwing things up?? Oreo worked great since April 1st till today, i guess its a late april fools joke on part of t mobile and samsung.. gosh ssnd i thought apple was bad lol, not no where as bad as this and i near sold my iphone x, glad i held on to it... something told me Oreo is jacked with Samsung after hearing s8 s8+ rebooting too, my Google pixel 2 xl is on Oreo 8.1 and no problem at all, it's t mobile and samsung to blame!!!!!!

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