How to file a complaint?


    I would like to be directed to where I can place a formal complaint.


    Over the last year I have been a T-Mobile customer and have been paying month-to-month. During that time I have never been able to successfully use My TMobile Online (I can log on, but get the page error below when I click on any and every link on the site. I have checked every month for the last year with the same result). I call tech support nearly every time and the same process plays out - they walk me through about 5-10 troubleshooting steps including logging out, checking wi-fi status, clearing my cache, using other browsers, etc. and when those don't work they inform me that the site is down for maintenance. The few times I've been elevated to higher level tech support has also been unproductive.


    So in order to pay my bill, I have called and used the automated phone system each month. But the automated phone system doesn't tell me exactly how much I owe for the billing cycle, it only gives me the option to add some arbitrary amount to my account.


    This month, I finally decided to set up auto-pay over the phone since I couldn't do it through My TMobile Online. The phone representative walked me through the automated system, which after two attempts didn't work successfully. So the rep then took down my credit card info and assured me that, after the phone call, they would get my monthly payment taken care of as well as set up autopay. Apparently, they didn't follow through on this because the next day, I received a text informing me that my plan was inactive and service was disconnected due to not paying my bill.


    At this point, I called again (from Skype since my service was deactivated) and was told by a new representative that I should first make a payment to reactivate my account and then they could troubleshoot the My T-Mobile Online issues. I asked if I could receive a refund in case they weren't able to resolve the issue with My T-Mobile Online. I was told yes, I could receive a refund if needed.


    After speaking with 4 different technical support representatives regarding My T-Mobile Online, not only were they unable to resolve my issue, but at various moments I felt like I was being lied to regarding the status of the site in order for them to cop out of the troubleshooting process. Since this has been a persistent issue with T-Mobile, I decided to finally cancel my account and get refunded the payment that the prior representative told me I would receive. So after another 45 minutes speaking with Payment reps and a Payment Supervisor, I was now being told It was not possible to be refunded.


    I have never ended an account of any kind due to poor customer service, but this experience has left me highly frustrated and dissatisfied. Even though I have a month of service remaining (that apparently cannot be refunded), I plan on canceling my T-Mobile account immediately to avoid wasting any more of my time with their non-functional tools and unhelpful representatives.


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      • okstateman06

        Re: How to file a complaint?



        I just signed up with T-Mobile about a week ago and I've been having problems with the My T-Mobile portal, too.  You're post, along with some other problems I've experienced thus far, has made me seriously consider returning my devices and just going with another carrier.  Customer service has been very poor.  I'm sorry to here that T-Mobile has treated you this way.  I hope you find a resolution soon.  Good luck.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: How to file a complaint?

          Hey, ben5284. Let me start by saying that this whole situation -- the repeat issues with the website and the misinformation about a refund option -- is definitely not the standard for customer service we aim to uphold.

          It sounds like you've reached out for help with the site many times and all the standard troubleshooting's been attempted, but do you know if our Care team ever filed a ticket for the issues you're having? With trouble that's lasted this long, we'd definitely want to get that in front of IT teams, and a trouble ticket is the right way to do that.

          I also agree that we should be up front about refund limitations that may exist depending on your account type or account balance's status. Can I ask what reason was provided for the inability to refund your payment? If there's some opportunity around calling that information out for our frontline teams, that's feedback that we're happy to pass on here.
          Regarding filing a formal complaint, our internal teams have the ability to create something called an incident report. I'd hope, though, that we'd be able to get to the bottom of this before that's necessary and definitely without losing your business. Although we're not able to see what other options we might have from this public user forum, if reaching out online is a good fit for you and you're active on social media at all, I'd highly recommend contacting our T-Force team. They're our support team on Twitter and Facebook, and in those channels we have a secure platform to verify customer accounts so that we can open them up and take a look, and/or make changes if necessary. I know that you've put out a ton of effort already to resolve this, but if you're up for giving it one more shot we've heard tons of great feedback from Community members who've taken account-specific needs to them in the past! They're also able to file the kind of trouble ticket I mentioned previously, and as an added benefit, rather than explaining the situation again, you'd be able to copy and paste what you've taken the time to share here. You can reach T-Force on Facebook by using the "Message" function, and on Twitter via DM -- you can click either of the little icons in my badge to get to the right starting point.

          Thanks for posting to our Community -- I definitely wish you'd had a better experience to report, but we appreciate your time and feedback, for sure!

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            Re: How to file a complaint?

            Good morning! Just wanted to check back in here and see how things were going for you! Did you have the chance to contact T-Force? Were we able to get to the bottom of this?