cracked screen, rep didn't add insurance


    So I cracked my phone this morning and I went to a t-mobile store to see what I need to do to get a replacement since I have insurance. Well it turns out I didn't! I asked the rep why it wasn't on there i could've swore it was. He said the rep that originally helped me must of forgotten to add it on. I was obviously upset and the rep there offered to add the insurance for me. Said to wait a few hours and file my insurance claim. It sounds a little weird to me so the question is. Will I be able to file an insurance claim pay my deductible and receive my phone? even though I just "technically" added insurance? 

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: cracked screen, rep didn't add insurance

        That seems a bit odd too me. Typically, you can only add insurance to a line during a qualifying event such as an upgrade, exchange, or an open enrollment. I do not believe that your device is going to be covered since the insurance was added after the fact. As far as not having insurance on your account this whole time, you may have noticed that your bill was less each month as you did not have this feature on your account. Were you given an estimated price when you activated with us?

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: cracked screen, rep didn't add insurance

          Hey, dcramii! I'm sorry to say that I agree with Chris here -- Device protection  has to be already present on the line prior to an incident, and can only be added during qualifying events, as he mentioned. I don't believe that adding it now would be retroactively effective, and I'm very sorry to read that we offered to do this. What did you ultimately decide to do? Have you had a chance to Contact Us and see if our internal teams had any assistance they could offer?