T Mobile rebate lie


    I was promised a rebate of $350 for a BOGO offer. Now they are telling me that I do not qualify      

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: T Mobile rebate lie

        Well that is no good! What is the specific reason you are being told you don't qualify? Also, what specific phone was this a BoGo for?

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: T Mobile rebate lie

          Hey there. We do wanna help sort this out if we can. What was this BOGO offer for? Please let us know. Thanks.

            • magenta4581055

              Re: T Mobile rebate lie

              Hello I have been a Tmobile prepaid customer for several years and had a

              Note 5 with no issues. Until back in February 2018 I went to the store

              because I wanted to buy the Galaxy Note 8 for the full price... The sales

              associate told me that it would be better if I switched over to the jump on

              demand plan as it had several benefits and was more like a reward for being

              a "valuable customer" that I would just have to pay $130 to be able to take

              the phone with me and $30 every month for the phone plus $70 for my plan.

              Then she told me if I wanted a 2nd line and switched over from a different

              carrier the other phone would be free so this was a BOGO offer. My husband

              had Metro PCS and we thought it would be a great idea to switch over to

              Tmobile and get the free phone!!! So we had to call Metro PCS from the

              store so we could get the account information and switch it over to

              Tmobile! When we were checking out for the "free phone" they told me it

              would be a total of $350 I had to pay then and there, When they told me

              that , I had no other choice because the phone number had already been

              ported from Metro pcs. They told me not to worry because I would be getting

              that money back within 6-8 weeks soooo I was ok with that because I was

              counting on getting that money back. When I checked the status of my rebate

              I was told it had been denied due to me having the jump on demand plan...

              That is not fair I was lied by Tmobile I was really expecting to get my

              money back and they do this to me?? Now I just feel like canceling the

              service but then I am going to loose the money I paid     . I can not

              beleive how I never had an issue with tmobile until I was lied to and

              switched over to jump on demand!!

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Re: T Mobile rebate lie

                  Oh man, that's no good. I appreciate you coming back and giving us a breakdown of what happened. Not that you should have to, but have you spoken with the store rep that said they'd set you up with the promo to revisit what was discussed? There may be a chance for us to look at this further for you to see if more can be done to help. You could try reaching out to our T-Force team using the Facebook or Twitter links in my badge or our Contact Us page. They do have account access and and pull up the notes on your account to go over what was discussed, and see if they can help further. I totally want you to be able to take advantage of the offer and having our T-Force team take another look at this for you is worth a shot.