Can I change prepaid plans and transfer the balance of my old plan?


    I have an old prepaid plan with a big balance on it (my wife didn't want us loosing nearly $100 again).  I was looking at the $3 a month prepaid plan, because it allowed for the purchase of data passes (which I will need for research for my degree).  When I talked with the employee in the store, however, his response was that I would loose the balance if I changed plans.  When I told him we had nearly $250 on the phone (I rarely use more than a couple of dollars worth in a month), he just shrugged - a very real "tough sh*t" moment.   We can't afford to take a hit like that - and I'm not willing to waste money on something I wouldn't use (the usual monthly plans).


    I can't find any way to contact T-mobile and get something in writing regarding this.  Is the T-mobile employee telling the truth?  That means I am stuck with this phone for years (not happy, but would live with it).  If I can transfer the balance over to the new plan, then I want it in writing before I change.  I'm tired of getting hit with the proverbial stick or getting robbed by fine print legalese.

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      • gramps28

        If I remember correct , if you have a prepaid plan and you change to another prepaid plan

        you keep the balance but if you switch from prepaid plan to a post paid plan you would lose the balance.

        • dragon1562

          The T-mobile employee is correct you would lose the balance. I know it stinks and maybe someone at T-mobile can make a exception for you but honestly thats is a ton of money to bank into a plan if your using so little at a time.

          • tmo_chris

            You can totally change to another prepaid plan without losing your balance. I think what the employee was saying was if you were to change in the middle of the cycle, you would not get a refund for the month you currently paid for. Your + balance on the account would remain no matter what prepaid plan you switch too. I know you said you were looking at the $3 plan which is also a prepaid plan but I just wanted to mention that gramps28 is correct about losing the balance if you switch from a prepaid account to a post paid account.


            You can either contact us by dialing 611 from your phone or using the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature and our care teams can get you set up on a future data plan change so you don't lose out on the service you paid for the current month.

              • magenta4578324

                This is good news... and the employee was definitely adamant about

                loosing the balance when I mentioned switching to the $3 a month Pay as

                you Go plan, which is listed in the prepaid plans. That's the sort of

                attitude I've come to expect... "if you can't pay for the latest and

                greatest, who cares what happens to you!" (I buy what I need, not what

                others want me to buy!)



                Do you have an email address, rather than Facebook or Twitter?  I don't

                'do' either of those for legitimate and valid reasons.  I'm also adverse

                to communicating business over the phone... I like a record of the

                conversation, especially if it involves money and I could loose big-time

                (been burned by too many businesses to ever trust that 'way' again).



                One more question, if you don't mind.  The data is for a

                near-survey-quality GPS unit, to enable it to get accuracies of 1-2cm -

                for use in my dissertation research.  The data stream (tethered device)

                is minuscule - very well under the 500mb limit (I think it's at 4800

                baud).  The plan mentions data, but I've been told that sometimes these

                plans are for the phone only, and don't allow tethering.  Would I be

                able to tether my GPS through the plan, so I could get the accuracy it's

                capable of?



                I don't watch videos or play games with my phone and most months

                wouldn't use the entire 30 minutes.  (Occasionally I'd go over, if there

                is some big problem that requires a lot of phone calls - I take it that

                I'd just have to pay for those extra minutes.)  Right now, I'm using

                about $20 a year... I'm willing to pay the additional cost of that plan

                if I could get the data stream, which would be nothing like someone

                playing a game or anything like that.






                  • tmo_chris

                    Hey Bob,


                    No email address unfortunately but you can always dial 611 from your phone to reach our care teams.


                    As for using the data pass to tether to a device, the data passes do allow for tethering/mobile hot spotting. Now as far as if the device you are connecting with, this is a different story as we typically only support the connection to standard devices like, laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets. 

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                • tmo_mike_c

                  Hey there!


                  Just checking in to see if you've gotten your plan taken care of. Please let us know if you were able to reach out to Care folks and get any additional help needed. Thanks