Samsung S9 not receiving MMS larger than 1000kb/1MB - What gives??


    Hi all,


    Been with T-Mobile for a little over a decade and I must say, I am quite happy with their services, plans, customer support etc. Particularly love their JOD program because it allows their patrons to play with phones that suits their needs.


    With that noted, I recently switched from iPhone 8 to Galaxy S9. Have been a Samsung user on/off for the last couple of years. I think the phones are phenomenal and offer a lot of leniency to tailor the phone to your liking. The downside is using the stock Messaging app...moreover, sending MMS.


    Prior to receiving S9, I experimented with S7 and S8. Sending photos was a pain in the you know what because anything over 1MB could not be sent...hence, having to use a third-party application. It's absolutely insane that a phone so expensive is not fully functional. Which is why I kept going back to iPhone.


    Flash forward to March 16 when I received the S9. Was amazed to discover that I could send photos and video over 1MB. However, there is a restriction with receiving photos over 1MB from others...


    I let it go, thinking that I just switched over operating systems (and upon my realization that my phone number was still registered with iMessage), I waited. The problem still persisted. I have done the following to troubleshoot in the last week:


    • Deregistered my number from iMessage
    • Cleared cache in Messaging app and MMS
    • Reset my network data
    • Called T-Mobile to reset my network entirely
    • Toggled with settings while on the phone with customer support
    • Factory reset my phone


    ...and nothing. Every time someone sends me anything over 1MB, it reads, "Downloading" followed by a yellow exclamation that reads, "Message from ********** failed to download, retry?"...when I hit OK, it then reads, "Error: Network Error"


    Seriously, what gives???


    I have tried everything and I am honestly not interested in this phone any longer because of this. I should not have to download third party apps to get the phone to work. Anyone else have this issue?? Any solution?? I am ready to give up this phone because iPhone has never ever had this sort of issue.


    Thanks guys!!

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      • dragon1562

        In short this is not a phone issue, its also not a network issue, but a issue of a legacy standard being used to message people. In the past you were relying on iMessage to send your photos/video which supports larger files. RCS which the phone does support can handle larger files as well but it comes with the caveat that the other person also needs a phone that support RCS as the new standard. Since Apple doesn't play ball and since not all of the carriers are following this standard yet the use cases are a bit small. Leaving 3rd party messenger apps to be the best choice.


        Honestly I have a iphone and the S8 for people that just refuse to use 3rd party messaging apps. I wish iMessage was universal or everyone just used something like Facebook Messenger so we could avoid these issues. Anywho that is the main issue hope that helps a bit.

          • trifecta006655321

            Hi dragon,


            Thanks for responding. Prior to S9, i was able to receive large files. However, this is not the case with the S9.



            To clarify : S7/8: able to receive large files, unable to send files over 1MB


            S9: able to send large files, unable to receive files larger than 1MB.


            Is it just Samsung that has this issue??

              • dragon1562

                No not a Samsung issue. Maybe this will help explain better it was taken from Verizon's site but helps to put things in perspective. The key part I was trying to explain can be found in the notes. Notice how it says many devices can send files larger than a carriers limits and etc.



                The maximum file size for picture/video messages depends upon the device's network capability. See signal indicator on the phone to determine which signal is being received

                • Basic Devices that are only 1xRTT capable (indicated by "1x" indicator) can send/receive a maximum file size of 350 KB.
                • Basic Devices that are Rev 0 EVDO capable (indicated by "1X") can send/receive a maximum file size of 500 KB.
                • Rev A EVDO (indicated by "3G") and 4G LTE capable (indicated by "4G" or "LTE") devices can send/receive a maximum file size of 1,200 KB.
                • Devices using Verizon Messages (Messages+) can send files up to 100 MB.
                Note Notes:
                • The maximum file size that can be sent from an email to a device as a Mult-Media Messageis 3 MB.
                • Larger files can be sent via email to email.
                • If a device sends a file to a device with a lower file size limit the file is reduced to a file size acceptable by the receiving device.
                • Many devices are capable of sending messages that exceed intercarrier file size limits (typically 300-600 KB). A message that exceeds the other carrier's limits is rejected and doesn't reach the intended recipient.
                  Lowering the camera resolution reduces the image file size.
                  Some Android devices have a Video Trimmer feature to reduce the size of the video allowing it to be sent via MMS.




            • tmo_chris

              For non RCS messages, you can send up to 1MB and Receive up to 3 MB. The wired part here is that you are getting the message so the issue is not with the sending party. Do you know how big the MMS is that you are trying to download? Also, have you thought about using a 3rd party messenger if sending and receiving larger MMS is a normal activity for you? 

              • tmo_mike_c

                Hi. Just checking in to see if you've taken a peek at Chris's post and given that a shot. Please give us a reply back and let us know the results. Thanks!

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Hi again.


                  Any luck with your pictures? Please come back and let us know how things are going. Thanks.