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    Hi, my boyfriend is with Sprint and would like to make the switch over to T-Mobile by adding a line to my plan. He has 8 months left on his Sprint contract. Would he be eligible to have T-Mobile buy out his Sprint contract, even though he would be joining my plan and not getting an account on his own? Not sure if it makes a difference, but he plans on purchasing a new phone from T-Mobile as well. Thanks!

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      • jayfromtelesales

        Re: Switch from Sprint

        Hello magenta4559794,


        Awesome choice to add your boyfriend to your T-Mobile plan! As we know, Sprint has what they call a contract which might have penalties.

        You can take advantage of what we call Carrier Freedom™ , doesn't really matter if the account is under your name because as long as he ports his same phone number to t-mobile he qualifies. There are other requirements but you can refer to the promotion on here Carrier Freedom™.