Trade-in Promo for new S9+


    I ordered the new S9+ on the Tmobile app on March 28th. I chose to trade-in my phone and followed all the steps on the app. I signed the Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) and have those documents in my account. It is time stamped on March 28th. I received two emails from T-mobile saying something along the lines of, "Thank you for your order. You can check your documents on your account. Here is your order number." When I logged into My T-mobile to check the status, I'd receive the following notice, "If you placed an order recently, please allow up to 48 hours for our systems to be updated with your order information. Please come back to check your order status." Since I did recently place an order and received two emails verifying this and have a signed document that I am buying the S9+, I didn't think anything was wrong. I even went to a Tmobile store the next day to make sure I did it right, and the employees there said that if I received an email with my order, I did it correctly. More than 48 hours passed and still no phone. I called customer care and they said that there is no order. I told them that this cannot be true since I have the EIP document. I gave the customer care employee permission to have access to my account. He said that he sees the EIP documents and sees the time stamped date of me ordering the phone. He started a ticket to have his supervisor extend the trade-in promotion for me and see why there is no record of me ordering the phone with the trade-in promotion. He also asked if I have been charged for the down payment, but I have not. Businesses don't charge cards until the product is shipped anyway. He said he documented our conversation so that all the customer care employees are aware of the situation and that someone would call me April 3rd. Some did call but they just asked the same questions the first person did and gave me the same answer- that he would start another ticket to figure out why there is no order.


    Has anyone else had this problem? The trade-in promotion is over now, so I can't redo the order. Customer Care keeps on going in circles and not giving me an acceptable solution. Is there anyone else I can contact?