Can I change my iPhone's IP location when using personal hotspot?


    Hi all!  I'm having an issue with my iPhone 7.  It's been like this a while, but just now starting to cause problems.


    I use the personal hotspot feature on my iPhone 7, along with an unlimited data plan, as my primary form of broadband internet.  Why pay a monthly broadband fee when I already have this, right?


    I've noticed that when I'm using the personal hotspot function and I access a website (like when I use the store finder on, say, Target's website) or online service (like PlayStation Vue or MLB.TV) that wants to know my location, the location that it comes up with isn't even in the right state.  It says I'm in either Pittsburgh, PA or Philadelphia, PA when I'm actually in Cleveland, OH.  This only happens when I'm accessing content on a device (laptop, smart tv, roku, and PS4) that is connected to my phone's personal hotspot.  Doesn't matter if the device is connected to my phone via wifi or via USB tethering.  However, any app on my phone that uses my location has no issues with displaying the correct location.


    In the past, I didn't care that much.  I'd just correct the location in the website, or not bother at all.  However, I just got my hands on a PS4, and I am using the PlayStation Vue app to access SportsTime Ohio, so I can watch Cleveland Indians games.  Unfortunately, when connected to broadband, a PS4 will not access your GPS location.  So if the device thinks you're not in (basically) NE Ohio, it won't let you access SportsTime Ohio.  It just takes you to whatever the local Fox Sports affiliate is for the location it thinks you're in.


    This explains why I can access SportsTime Ohio via the PlayStation Vue app on my phone, but not via the app on the actual PlayStation.


    I have no idea what setting on my iPhone would affect this, so any help would be appreciated.



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