Do not change my plan please


    I’m happy with the Simple Choice. Thank you

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      • magenta4550062

        Re: Do not change my plan please

        The never change plans even when the new updated plan is cheaper.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Do not change my plan please

          Hi there and thanks for posting. If you'd like to keep your same plan, that's totally okay! We won't change your plan unless you ask us to do so. Hope that helps and please let us know if you have questions.

          • sfware

            Re: Do not change my plan please

            This reply is for Post Paid T-Mobile plans, for 2 lines, which is my current situation (subject to change ;-). My suggestion is to do the TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership. I do concur than often it is best to NOT change T-Mobile plans, but YMMV. I had my first plan with T-Mobile in 2009 (with AWESOME HTC Google G1 phone - forget the name of the plan - switched from Alltel as Verizon is/was not an viable option for MANY reasons) but the plan did not include tethering/hotspot, which I ended up needing. Anyway, I ended up migrating to a Simple Choice Plan (with great trepidation) , which was the "best of breed" at the time. In my case, my 2 lines with taxes and fees was about $95. Looked at the T-Mobile One Plus Promo with taxes and fees included (which I REALLY like, BTW) and Autopay $10 discount (which I already had) and Kickback ($10 per line if using less than 2G of data in a month), switched with great trepidation again, and now I pay $80/month, typically, or $90/month occasionally. So I think I'm better off, but everyone is different so be sure to do the TCO!



            Steve. (A "satisfied" T-Mobile customer but still with a non-working T-Mobile app since the latest app update on my Motorola G3 phone now for over a month. ;-)