My T-Mobile Down?


    I've been trying to log into My T-Mobile since yesterday, and I consistently receive the same error message after entering my login credentials:

    f451 : we’re sorry, the service you are attempting to use is temporarily unavailable. our team is working on the problem and will have us up and running as soon as possible. please try again later.


    I have attempted the login from two different web browsers and the mobile app on the phone itself, and the result is the same in all cases.  Any idea when it will be back up?


    To post this question, I had to log in to this message board via Facebook because I am unable to log into my T-Mobile account.

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      • sfware

        Re: My T-Mobile Down?

        Just worked for me ( from Firefox for Linux. I have seen this error before and typically just try again in a few minutes and it usually works. If it persists, you may want to call 611 and ask for technical support and open a support ticket (and be sure to get the ticket number, agent name and request a follow-up call - good luck with all of that! ;-).


        Good luck!


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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: My T-Mobile Down?

          I tested my account and I'm able to get in. I'm using Google Chrome. You could try giving that a shot and seeing if that helps. If you still need some help, you should use the suggestion above and have a ticket filed for this.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: My T-Mobile Down?

            Hey there! Were you able to get logged in to your account yet?

            • tmo_marissa

              Re: My T-Mobile Down?

              Howdy! Hopefully this has ironed itself out by now, but I wanted to check in here and see how things were going just in case you're still having trouble! Please let us know if you haven't been able to log in at this point.