What is going on?


    Last Friday I got a text message reminding me to pay my past due amount or run the risk of disconnection. I paid past due amount.

    Sunday, "April Fools Day" all of our phones were shut off. I called 611 and was told they were disconnected because of non payment. I explained bill was paid on Friday, the Tmobile person agreed a payment was received on Friday but this was for February bill and we still owe for March. What? I was still in the middle of grace period! The person I spoke to kept repeating script conversation, reassuring me and offered to set up payment arrangements.

    I kept asking the person to listen to me and they kept saying they understand and if I would like to make a payment to reconnect service.

    I asked for supervisor she also repeated the same script, then hung up on me or call was dropped.

    I called back and went through the same exact conversations with the Tmobile staff reading me script back to me explaining they sympathize with my situation and if I would like to pay bill to reconnect service. Again a I asked for supervisor, she offer to allow me to make payments on re-connection fees, BUT I was not looking to make payment of re-connection fees, I wanted them, to understand my phones were mistakenly turned off. It was like nobody could understand English, they were robots repeating the same phrases.

    Finally the supervisor said she would resume service and waive the re-connection fees as long as I made payment arrangements for March bill. But i was still very frustrated because I don't think the phones should have been turned off in the first place.

    While on the phone sorting out the situation a family member paid to restore service.

    Today I received a message on my cell phone from Tmobil letting me know our service has been suspended. REALLY? AGAIN!!

    I tried calling tmobile but apparently you are experiencing high volume of calls at this time!!!

    I am VERY frustrated with Tmobile right now and those women I spoke to over the weekend added to my frustration because they would not listen and read scripts. I am sure those calls were recorded and you can look back at them and see where I am coming from.

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