Degraded coverage in 98001 zipcode


    My parents live in that area code and have been complaining about calls not coming in or going out and calls getting dropped for months. I thought it was the device (both unlocked bought online), so I went down to the T-Mobile store and bought them new phones for Christmas. Still bad coverage. Talking to the tech support person, he said they have taken down some lower-tier towers in that area. Is there a fix planned soon or should I just go switch my provider? "Hang in there" and "buy more stuff" aren't options.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Degraded coverage in 98001 zipcode

        Interesting. What phones are your parents using? King Co. has 25x25 MHz of AWS (band-4), 15x15 of PCS (band-2) and 6x6 of 700 MHz (band-12). The sites (towers) there are spaced about every 1-2 km. There should be no problems. Does this problem occur only when your parents are inside, at a specific place, or everywhere around Auburn?


        What sometimes happens is that T-Mobile "overtunes" their towers to minimize the cell size and use the least power possible. This helps T-Mobile deliver fast Internet speeds by minimizing cochannel interference. It also can have the side-effect of producing little dead spots. 700 MHz was supposed to prevent that from happening but sometimes I think the engineers just get carried away with the tuning. You might want to call customer service and enter a service ticket. Be sure you get the ticket number and be specific about what outdoor places have coverage issues.


        If the issue is about indoor service, do your parents have Internet service. Have you tried using WiFi Calling. What about an indoor CellSpot (femto-cell). It's impossible for cellular engineers to guarantee service inside every kind of building. The variation in building materials is just too great. T-Mobile's solution is to provide customers with CellSpots (femto-cells) or signal boosters.

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        • dragon1562

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          Alot of factors at play and drnewcomb2 pretty much hit the nail on the head with a lot of questions that I had. For example, is service bad both indoors and out, is it just one location and so on. If you get a chance to answer there are a lot of us that are on the form that wanna help. Also wanted to ask what device you have them using?

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            A lot of helpful info has been provided by  drnewcomb2 which may explain what's going on at your parent's house. So that we can be for sure, can you please let us know what type of phone your parents are currently using?

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              Just checking in to see if you still need some help. Please reply back and let us know. Thank you.

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                Did you have the chance to peek at the previous post? Please let us know if you have any questions.