Am I being scammed?


    I keep getting calls from people saying I have called them. I check my phone and I have not. Its happening a few times a week and seems like its always on Mondays.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Am I being scammed?

        More like others are trying to scam.  There's a good chance the "random caller id" that scammers are spoofing just happens to be yours.


        I've noticed a lot of scam/spam calls coming to me with the same area code & prefix (e.g. 404-555) as my cell phone.  I think it's because in the olden days people in your general vicinity had the same prefix with land lines (like one city in Massachusetts has a prefix of 527 - back in the day, you knew it was someone local on a land line).  It could also be the idea that people are trying to spoof the idea of office numbers (offices block out a portion of a prefix, or if large enough, the entire prefix -- but, at least our office phones are smart enough to only show a coworker's name if the call originated from within).

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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Am I being scammed?

          Hey, mercaldom!


          It sounds like you're referring to spoofing. This actually happened to me about a month ago and it was pretty bizarre. You'll want to follow these steps to report it.