S9 to S9 Pictures aren't sending, anyone else?


    Hi All.

    My wife and I both have Samsung GalaxyS9s, both T-Mobile.

    We can send text messages to eachother just fine using the Samsung Messages app.

    However, when we try to send images, it's reported as Delivered but the other side does not receive it.

    If I change to Android Messages and send a photo it works just fine.

    (Off-topic, but I CAN send to iPhones)

    Sending to other carriers (other phones as well) seems to work just fine.

    I tried to clear the cache/etc on both sides same effect. Talked to Samsung Support via chat, they're about worthless but saying I need to activate MMS from the carrier. (I believe MMS is working fine cause I can use another app and send mms images, unless there's just something I'm missing.)


    Anyone else having problems like this?

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      • tmo_lauren



        That's definitely strange. Does it seem to be only to one another that you have the issue with? I know you mentioned there's no issue with other carriers, but do you have an issue with other T-Mobile numbers that aren't yours or on your account?



        • noragrets

          I am having the same issue. I was trying to troubleshoot it with some friends and it's literally only s9 to s9 both on tmobile. Other carriers with s9 there aren't any problems and likewise s9 to any other phone both on tmobile. It's really obnoxious having to go to other apps to send pictures

          • tmo_marissa

            Ugh -- that does sound frustrating, noragrets (10 stars for that username) and mbt_dave.
            I double checked and we don't have any known or emerging issues for the S9/S9+ listed at this point, and there are no known/emerging issues we're aware of with MMS on the network overall. Can I ask if either of you have trouble using the same app for group messaging, or does the trouble seem isolated to image files? Does it happen over WiFi, too, or only with a network connection?

            • tmo_marissa

              Hey folks! Just wanted to check back in here and see if you'd be able to shed some light on any patterns that you might have noticed. We still don't have a known issue listed for this, but it would be helpful to know if either of you have trouble using the same app for group messaging, or if the trouble seems isolated to image files, and whether this happens over WiFi, too, or only with a network connection. When you have a minute to let us know if this is still happening we'd appreciate it! :)

                • noragrets

                  After clearing the Messaging app cache and data, then rebooting the phone to clear the phone's cache, I'm still having the issue with images.  I don't do group messaging within the app, so I don't have anything to report in that respect.  The person who is also on t-mobile with an s9, I can receive his mms messages (audio messages and pictures), but he doesn't receive mine and we're both using the stock app with the most current update that has been released.  Being on wifi or cell doesn't make any difference in the issue.

                    • tmo_lauren

                      Still no known issue that has cropped up for this, buuuuut, it's definitely something we need to explore more.


                      What I would suggest is having a ticket filed, you can do so online with our T-Force team on FB or Twitter (and if you opt that route, you can link this right to them and avoid repeating yourself) or call in. If it's happening with multiple other T-Mobile S9 devices, it definitely sounds like something our engineers need to explore.


                      Do you have two friends with T-Mobile S9s that are able to MMS each other without issue? That would be my only other question because it would help narrow down if it's a weird S9 issue, or an issue with your specific account for whatever reason.



                  • magenta4660922

                    My husband and I are having the same problem with the S9+. it doesnt matter if we use network or wifi.

                    • simply_dee

                      My husband and I are having the same issue.. very annoying.

                      • tmo_marissa

                        Thank you all for chiming in and confirming the experience you're having!
                        I did a check again, and there isn't a known issue listed for this either with Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, or with the greater network at large. Can you please Contact Us and speak with our Tech team (or T-Force through Facebook or Twitter) to file tickets for this issue? Our engineering teams will need a few recent (within the last 24 hours) examples of MMS that are sent but not delivered -- just the time stamp, the outgoing number, and the terminating number (the one you're sending the message to). The tickets will provide all of the data that our engineering teams need to run traces and isolate the problem. Thank you!