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    The rest said: isn't available   This was for the Stylo 3 Plus. Is this a joke! Purchased this phone 12/30/17. What I wanted to do was move items from the 2 GB part of the phone, and put them in my SD card. I know I can't move "the bloatware" that came with the phone. I go to LG's site, sign in, type in the model number, and I got this message. Are you kidding? LG's site has to be the worst site, except for Walmart's. The phone is pretty good. But NOT the support. I am only out $277 so that's not bad. I would like to place a 128 or 256 card to place everything there. I read earlier this morning to stay away from Samsung, and I will not be buying an LG. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. Appreciate any suggestion,

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      • ryokecra125

        I'm really sorry to hear that you dislike LG. In my personal experience, (I've got the LG V30), LG is probably the best in customer support. It's funny that I had none of the issues you had. When I entered the model number of your phone on LG's mobile support website, it gave me all the necessary documents and info. The URL is here: Also, information on transferring files from Internal Storage to SD on T-Mobile's website here:

        Hope this helps

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        • dragon1562

          It happens to a lot of sites, try clearing the cache on your browser or disabling some extensions. You could also try using another browser entiely. As far as moving the storage over to you SD card, the apps have to support it. Some applications can not run from SD cards due to operations they may need to complete a function. Ryokecra125 posted some helpful stuff that I would also follow.


          I am sorry though that you have had a rough experience so far. I personally stay away from LG phones due to there poor reputation with quality assurance. I understand why people may have told you to stay away from Samsung due to there poor software updates but overall they make great phones. Also LG tends to make some really cool devices as well like the LG V30 that was mentioned by Ryokecra125. The only reason that I didn't get that was because i had already bought the S8 which is awesome device.


          Just wanted to add as well that using the cloud is another viable option that you should not hesitate to take advantage of due to the nature of SD cards. SD cards are less reliable compared to the internal storage of devices and also tend to be much slower when it comes to read/write speeds. What were you trying to transfer anyway?

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            • dc5fan

              An hour ago I attempted to send a response, but something happened that wouldn't let me post.


              A phone that costs about $800-1000 is way out of my budget. I paid about $280 for my 3 Plus. I do clear the cache from using Google. I am using 1.6 GB ROM in my phone. I think I have just about all the apps I need. Regarding Samsung I have owned an S3 and S5. Both mainly as a music player. Just wanted to ask some questions to learn a little more about the phone I own. With the $3 a month plan I rarely use up the 30 minutes a month. I'll check out the CLOUD thing, but I don't even have a clue. Thanks for your reply.

                • dragon1562

                  The cloud is just when you store certain things off the device and onto the internet. For example, the Google photos app by default backs up all of your pictures. Also as far as the phones being out of price, I wasn't saying you should buy them just was saying both companies make some cool devices. I just wanted to say that relying on the cloud is only good if you have a plan with a lot of data available. I get the impression that you don't in which case keeping all the storage on your device like you intended was your  best choice. Unless you are constantly on wifi.

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