Email-to-SMS failures


    My employer uses email-to-SMS to send IT outage alerts to our IT team.  The tool (internally developed, but not easily modifiable) takes a message of arbitrary length, applies some header information to the text, then splits it into messages of 150 characters, sending the message as one or more emails (or so I'm told).  My colleagues on other providers have no issues. and a colleague on T-Mobile with an iPhone 7 has no issues.  I, however, have problems receiving messages.  I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (but I had this problem with a Galaxy S5, as well).



    When a message is sent via the tool described above via my address:


    • If the messages is less than 150 characters, I will not receive it.
    • If the messages is more than 150 characters but less than 300, I will receive the SECOND message ONLY.
    • If the message is more than 300 characters but less than 450, I will receive the THIRD message ONLY.  (I assume that this continues)


    I have asked for logging info or a copy of the message being sent from the tool, but so far haven't had any luck with our internal support.


    Here is an example of the message I'm NOT receiving (company info redacted):

  / Message from Global Oncall / 3/19 14:11 (UTC-7) username, - This is a test message to see if there is an issue with the global oncall paging tool and to 1/2


    And here is the remainder that I DO receive:


    Message from Global Oncall /  get a sample message in hand for support. 1/2


    Note that the second message should be labeled 2/2 if it comes through correctly, but it is 1/2.  I'm trying to validate if it is our tool doing the paginating or if it is on the T-Mobile end. 


    In any case, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction for resolution before this gets to be a much more serious problem.


    Thanks in advance!

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Email-to-SMS failures

        T-Mobile used to have a pretty good E-Mail <-> SMS system with address aliases, blocked sender lists, short addresses, etc. They discontinued it and left us with a pretty messed up system that only seems to work for about half the people about half the time. Now, being truthful, every time I send myself a test e-mail, it comes through almost instantly but a lot of people seem to be in your boat with an employer system that sends out mass BCC e-mails and multi-part messages that get eaten by T-Mobile's system. AFAICT, no one at T-Mobile is listening.


        Probably the best thing to do is to use an IMAP e-mail client with push notifications that buzzes when you get an e-mail from a particular address.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Email-to-SMS failures

          Wow, I've heard of other users having trouble with this but it's a slightly since it's more of an issue with using the BCC function. I know you mentioned they system is not easily modifiable, but is it possible to have your number removed and added back to see if that helps? This may be something we'll need to have our Tech Care folks open a trouble ticket for. I know they've resolved issues like this before and would be the best bet on having us to a look at this on our end to see what we can do to fix this.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Email-to-SMS failures

              Hi there.


              Just checking to see if this has been resolved or if you've run this by our Tech Care folks to have a ticket filed. Please let us know. Thank you.

              • jfbradfo

                Re: Email-to-SMS failures

                Slow to respond, and I apologize.


                I do NOT know that this is a BCC issue, but I will try to validate.  I can get test messages from our tool when I enter the email address for SMS (, but real messages come through incorrectly as noted in my original post.  And I can get messages if I just send from my email address (copy/paste from our tool).  The fact that I am getting anything suggests that it's not the phone number/email address that is the issue.  It appears to be on the T-Mobile end.


                I am planning to call T-Mobile support this afternoon (keep putting it off), so I hope that gets me to a resolution.  I will update when I have a response.

              • jfbradfo

                Re: Email-to-SMS failures

                Don't know why this was assumed resolved after less than a week, but it definitely is not.  I assume it's because I wasn't as responsive as was expected.


                I spoke to Andrea at T-Mobile support on 9 April, and she opened a ticket with engineering to investigate the issue.


                I received a voicemail from Andrea today (12 April) informing me that, per engineering, this is a known issue and that a fix is being pushed over the next two weeks.  The fix should be completely rolled out by 26 April, so I will be testing 27 April to validate. Expect an update to this post on or about 27 April.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Re: Email-to-SMS failures

                    I'm so glad you got in touch with our Care team and got that ticket filed. That's definitely the right way to go. I appreciate you coming back and posting. Please let us know how things are working after the 27th if you don't mind. This could be helpful for other folks that may come across this issue.