A warning to those considering Digits for their business


    For anyone considering digits for their business DON'T DO IT.


    My assistant has my office phone (A T-mobile phone) My 2nd assistant has digits (as do i) 


    Problems she has had


    1) When she had 2nd tier carrier (One of those like metropcs) if she turned off her phone, no one could get calls (neither me or my first assistant) calling our business just said the phone subscriber was "out of area"

    2) When she switched to T-mobile and tried it on her iphone, calls to our business line when to her personal voicemail.

    3) For about 6 months, neither her nor I could get voicemails on digits (we had to forward them to our email to see them)

    4) When it's working, it rings about 85% of the time for her

    5) Now that everything is supposedly fixed, both of us have to uninstall and reinstall digits once a day in order to reply to texts.


    In retrospect I wish I had gone with google voice (I was scared away by their warning that businesses should not use them... but this sort of conscientious is likely indicative of greater care in their product.)