Fraud? T-Mobile 50% off the new Samsung Galaxy S9 promotion


    Not sure if this is some kind of fraud or something but want to share my experience while using T-Mobile 50% off the new Samsung Galaxy S9 promotion. I traded-in my iPhone 7 in excellent condition and instead of promised monthly credit of $15 (total $360 over 24 months) I only received ~$10 for the month. When I called t-mobile they told me that my devise was assessed at ~$240 and hence I will only get ~$10 credit every month.


    I did not expect that, I signed-up for a promotion and clarified before placing my order that I will get $360 credit for my iPhone 7 (as long as screen is not broken, no water damage, phone turns on and I have turned off find my iPhone feature before trading-in the device).


    Is t-mobile starting to engage in marketing frauds that was a norm in this industry in the past? I did not sign-up for upto $360 promotional credit, I signed-up for $360 credit and expect t-mobile to honor their commitments.


    Can anyone help?

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