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    I added my friend as a referral and a few days later, he went to the T-Mobile store and signed up for service, porting his # and AT & T phones over. He showed the T-Mobile associate my name and the associate indicated that yes, he was in my referral area, and signed him up. This was nearly 4 weeks ago. The status has not changed on my referral status screen online. Talking to a rep on chat this morning, they indicated that the status should have changed by now, and obviously the guy didn't use my referral. Oh, but you're wrong, T-Mobile Chat Person. He did use it. And now you're going to deny me my $50 rebate??? I don't think so. Anyone else get their referral rebates without a hitch??? Is it possible that the T-Mobile Associate snagged my referral and used it for himself instead???

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Friend Referrals

        We really want you to be able to take advantage of our Refer-a-Friend program for sure. What's the status say when you check it? As long as you qualify and the submission was done, you should be fine.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Friend Referrals

          Hey there! Based on your post, it sounds like you completed the refer-er steps perfectly! The next portion of the referral program rests on the referred friend. They'd need to follow these guidelines:

          Referred family and friends

          If you've been referred to the Refer-a-Friend program:

          1. Within 45 days of your referral, activate a new T-Mobile account with at least one voice line and port-in your number from another postpaid carrier.
          2. Visit and confirm your referral.
          3. Maintain your new account in good standing for 15 days after your port-in completes.

          As long as your friend completed those steps, then you should be good to go! Does the referral status online say "Awaiting response" or "Pending validation"?

          • chris13

            Re: Friend Referrals

            Did you ever get your referral bonus, elainemt?  Just checking as I'm going through this process now to refer a few lines and this process is TERRIBLE.  I typed in the info and an email went to my friend who is moving 4 lines over from Verizon.  He called as he didn't understand the steps in the email and after reading them, I was confused too.  He went into the TMO store to do the transfer and told them about the referral and they "supposedly" did something, but it didn't work, so he went ahead and just did what he had to do, which I don't blame him at all.  I then typed in another number that he moved over (wife) and it got declined when I logged in and tried to put in name/number...guess too late because that line switched.  I put in one more number (friend's son) and so far it took, but he will still get the same crappy email instructions as he got last night.  The kicker is after reading more into this, I wouldn't get the referral bonus anyway because of some stupid 24 hour rule where if you enter in a referral name/number on my TMO website account, the person you referred has to wait more than 24 hours before switching, according to the FAQ.  What a joke.  Yes, I'm venting, but this is the dumbest referral program and process I've ever seen.