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    I added my friend as a referral and a few days later, he went to the T-Mobile store and signed up for service, porting his # and AT & T phones over. He showed the T-Mobile associate my name and the associate indicated that yes, he was in my referral area, and signed him up. This was nearly 4 weeks ago. The status has not changed on my referral status screen online. Talking to a rep on chat this morning, they indicated that the status should have changed by now, and obviously the guy didn't use my referral. Oh, but you're wrong, T-Mobile Chat Person. He did use it. And now you're going to deny me my $50 rebate??? I don't think so. Anyone else get their referral rebates without a hitch??? Is it possible that the T-Mobile Associate snagged my referral and used it for himself instead???

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Friend Referrals

        We really want you to be able to take advantage of our Refer-a-Friend program for sure. What's the status say when you check it? As long as you qualify and the submission was done, you should be fine.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Friend Referrals

          Hey there! Based on your post, it sounds like you completed the refer-er steps perfectly! The next portion of the referral program rests on the referred friend. They'd need to follow these guidelines:

          Referred family and friends

          If you've been referred to the Refer-a-Friend program:

          1. Within 45 days of your referral, activate a new T-Mobile account with at least one voice line and port-in your number from another postpaid carrier.
          2. Visit and confirm your referral.
          3. Maintain your new account in good standing for 15 days after your port-in completes.

          As long as your friend completed those steps, then you should be good to go! Does the referral status online say "Awaiting response" or "Pending validation"?