T mobile screwed us oreo note 8


    Verizon and sprint has it now along with at&t, gosh t mobile I'd expect better out of you, sprint of all beat you to the line, t mobile sucks!!!!! Glad my main device is with Verizon with my Google pixel with Oreo since last July 2017. Would be nice to install Oreo on my note 8 so I can sell it on eBay. Than dump t mobile for GOOD there data speeds are slow and cellular is so so.. that's why your 3rd in line out of all 4 major carriers, t mobile should be last in 4th..sprints even better than t mobile.

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      • russ716

        Re: T mobile screwed us oreo note 8

        Yep, headed to Verizon as soon as I get out of work. T-Mobile service sucks and now we're not getting the software updates. What a joke..

        • theartiszan

          Re: T mobile screwed us oreo note 8

          This has been covered many times. The carriers do not develop the updates for any of the devices. They only test and approve the updates for compatibly with the network and basic stability. If Samsung provided the updates to the others first what is TMobile to do? Also if the carrier finds and bugs, it goes back to Samsung to fix.

          Samsung has been even slower lately as 8.1 has been out for a while and even the s9 only shipped with 8.0.

            • androidz32015

              Re: T mobile screwed us oreo note 8

              I understand that but t mobikles service sucks bad, slow data, dropped calls anyways and customer service in t mobile stores suck anyways. I used to have Verizon in high school 8 years ago and I'm going back to Verizon plus the Google pixel 2 is there for 900 since new service again I get 300 off the phone in-store plus 400 for the note 8 with a cracked screen so I walk out less than 300 for a phone that get great data speeds and service also newest Android updates a lot faster than samcrap Samsung or Apple, LG etc. I already looked at the pixel 2 a week ago and was tempted to get it, so now I have better reason now.

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: T mobile screwed us oreo note 8

              Hey, androidz32015! androidz32015


              I know you'd love to get your Note 8 updated to Oreo ASAP and want info on when it will be available. We do not have a date at this point but it is undergoing manufacturer development. You can keep track of the progress of the update by following this page. If you'd like to discuss the update further with other users or read more about what all goes into a software update, please go here: T-Mobile Oreo Update!



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