Note 8 8.0


    Why does T-Mobile suck so bad to give us our updates. I'm going back to apple and the ATT network bc y'all are so damn sllllloooooooowwwwww

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      • androidz32015

        Re: Note 8 8.0

        Right with you, eb85, I still have Verizon and my Google pixel and has had Oreo since last summer as well as me Google nexus, but was hoping to see Oreo on my t mobile note 8?? Yep eBay time for the note 8. Than ditch t mobile for GOOD and stay Verizon at least Google phones get updates when they say, not like all the rest, Google nexus and pixel and in a beta for the next Android version after Oreo, Oreo is outdated anyways Oreo has a been around since last July or August.

        • magenta4522451

          Re: Note 8 8.0

          Verizon and Sprint are getting theirs as well, as I type this.

          Nice to be last again. You're killing us TMO, tighten up!!